Yep! Here we are again. My official first post for 2019 is dedicated to my official hashtag of the year.

Just like the previous years, we want to have a fresh start by appreciating the year that was and just aim to be better. Hence the hashtags. So I could always be reminded of the things I wanna focus on.

Every year, I try to improve and focus on one aspect of my life. Of course, I can't say that I have been 100% successful but I always end up being a better version of myself regardless of the circumstances. I am proud to say that I am better and I strive to be better every day, every year for my kids.

My 2018

2018 is a combination of good and not so good. But I'm always grateful everyday.

I was able to travel twice this year - USA and our SG-Malaysia Trip with the #FabSkye.

I was able to tick a couple of items off my bucketlist. Watched Phantom of the Opera at Broadway. Saw the grand Statue of Liberty. Visited The Met. Traveled alone in a foreign country. Traveled out of the country with my daughter. Walk on the streets of New York. Have breakfast at Tiffany's. Lahat talaga ng pwede i-achieve sa NY ni achieve ko na. And I made sure that my trip with my daughter is super sulit. It's our girl bonding experience. And I'm so glad we got to do it before I got pregnant (actually, mukhang preggy na ko during that time).

And yep, the greatest blessing for this year is our little bundle of joy. After our SG-Malaysia Trip, I found out that I am pregnant with baby no. 2. Extra happiness because he's a boy. Exactly what we've been praying for. Though unexpected for me (for me lang kasi si #ReigningTatay planned nya to), I know that this is the perfect time to give the #FabSkye a brother. She's turning 5. And she's very very excited for her brother.

Though this pregnancy is extra difficult for me (with all the bleeding episodes and bed rests plus extra demanding work to top it off and oh, motherhood!), I know that it's all worth it.

2018 is also the year where our little team expanded and is now trying to achieve greater things. So it's much more difficult but much more fun.

Though 2018 has not been as awesome as 2017 when it comes to my blog. My stats are plummeting. Probably because I divide my blog earlier this year. I removed all non-parenting posts on this blog and moved it to my new lifestyle blog - www.reigningstill.net. It affected my blog and my numbers, plus everyone is moving to YouTube. Which I can't because darn! Editing videos is sooooo hard! Also, making videos. I look hideous in videos. I always end up asking the #FabSkye to do the videos for me. Sya kasi cute, pag ako accute. But still, kahit mas matumal ng konti ang labada ko sa blog this year, I could still say that I am blessed beyond words. And all of the projects that I got are all close to my heart. Imagine receiving gifts from brands you love simply because you are doing something you love? How awesome is that?

2018 is also the year we decided to finally get a house and lot. Found a nice spot in Cavite and started paying for the DP. We are all excited about it, specially the #FabSkye who can't stop talking about her future pink room. Adulting has really bitten us hard because seeing our little girl grow up made s realize that our family is something we want to nurture talaga.

The #FabSkye also started formal school in 2018. Finding the perfect school for her took me years. Seryoso yan. As early as 1 year old, naghahanap na ko ng school for my daughter. That's also why I opted to homeschool her first because I wanna understand what kind of student she is so we could find the perfect school for her. I think it works for us because the #FabSkye is thriving on her current school and she loves it sooo much. From the teachers to her classmates and the guards. Everyone!

All in all, 2018 is an awesome year. Despite the not so good things that happened, I am beyond grateful because we were blessed with so much.

So for this year, we all want to take that giant LEAP!



We started the year by moving to our new rented place. For years, we've been living with my parents. I talked about it and loved the benefits of living with my relatives. I mean I could leave my daughter anytime because I am sure someone will look after her. She won't go hungry. Of course, no rents though the bills are sky high because I pay all the bills at home and there's a lot of us.

But our little family is growing. We won't be able to fit into the room comfortably anymore. And it is becoming more chaotic. With my siblings growing up as well and having their own lives.

We thought, it's time to move out. Time to really spread our wings and this is probably our trial phase as we wait for our real home.

We moved last January 8. That is the reason behind the lack of blog post and delayed year starter post. Hehehehe! We really tried to push for the January 8 move in date because of superstitions and stuff like that. Swerte daw.

Honestly, we are a little bit scared because moving out of my parents house means moolah. More more moolah as we need to buy a lot of things. We had to repaint the house. install new lights. Buy kitchen stuff because honestly, we don't even have spoon and fork. Hahaha! But it's all fun. Everyday, we'd bring home something. May it be big stuff like a new cabinet or small ones like that cute hook I bought for the kitchen towels. Hahaha!

So far, we are okay. We still need to make our stove work and buy new sofa and dining set and stuff like that but we are comfortable. It is easier to move about. The house is much more quiet but I was able to rest.

I know that 2019 is gonna be financially challenging for us. With the car amort and house DP and rents and association dues plus the bills, it's gonna be difficult. But we know where we need to adjust (ehem dining out) and the stuff we have to focus on.

I say we're taking a giant LEAP for 2019 because having our own place and having another baby is already a huge LEAP. But we are taking that LEAP as a family. We are jumping into horizons and we know that this'll take us places.

Blog-wise, I don't know what LEAP I have to take. Probably, more videos? Yeah. Yeah. Probably. Let's see. But for now, in all honesty, I think 2019 is gonna be all about our growing family.

They say 2019 is gonna be better, so far, I think everything is turning out all right!

Will probably blog about the house soon or do IG stories/IG microblogs. Let's see.

I'm about to pop next month. Will you keep us in your prayers? 


  1. Ako naman, papatapos ko pa lang sulatin ang personal theme post ko. Deadline ko for myself is bago matapos ang January naman, baka bukas tapos na, hahaha. :P I saw nga on your IG your new home, and super like ko yung white cabinets nyo, ang neat tingnan, sis. Excited for your growing family and your new home in Cavite, sana magustuhan nyo dito sa aming probinsya, hehehe.

    I have the same sentiments for 2019, that it will going to be tough, financially speaking. Pero kaya natin 'to! :)

    1. Thank you. We pushed for the all white cabinets. Baka ganun na din ang peg for our own home in Cavite. Pero feeling ko medyo matatagalan pa paglipat namin. Papaayos pa kasi.

      Ramdam ko na ang struggle namin for 2019. Dami namin binili for the rented place. Kulang pa ng sofa and bed and curtains. We want naman kasi na maganda ang rented place namin because technically, it's our first "home". And feeling ko nga magtatagal kami ng mga atleast 2 years. Tapos we have a new baby coming pa. So dagdag na gastos. But honestly, excited ako! Heheheh..


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