It's that time of the year once again. Where I would post my official hashtag for the year and reflect on the year that was. I would also take time to read previous year ender posts and just reflect on my life in general. And everytime, I would always end up with a happy heart.

I always try to start the year with a grateful heart and try to focus on my goals for the following year. There are hits and misses but overall, I know that I am blessed beyond words.

The past 2 years, I've kinda pushed myself hard. I guess that's what motherhood does to a woman. You just aim to be better and better and better because this time, you are not only thinking about yourself but your child as well. It's not all about you but more of your child and your family.

#ReigneRocks2017 in Retrospect

Last year is probably the year where I really pushed myself so hard. Sabi ko nga "I WILL ROCK 2017! I will push myself to more than my limit for 2017.".

And well, pushed myself I did! I definitely rocked 2017! Masyado kong dinamdam ang hashtag ko. Masyado akong nagseryoso sa pangako ko for 2017.

I started my year with a business trip to the US. My first US trip. My first time to travel alone. First time to experience snow. First time to be away from my daughter for more than 2 weeks. It was fun, exciting and tiring.

January palang I was rocking 2017 na! I went home to tons of work. After my business trip, I realized how demanding my new project is. Sabi ko nga sa boss ko, "I didn't sign up for this". Pero well, #ReigneRocks2017 diba? Ugain na natin ng husto.

I had to learn a new tool. Re-learn coding. Change my mindset and just be a new me. I was doing something for 6 years, tapos bigla bigla iba na. Iba na ang team, iba na ang project, iba na ang job description, iba na ang expecttions. After 6 years of mastering my previous project, nalipat ako in to something I have zero knowledge.

But here I am. After a year. Still standing. A better me. And I am so proud of myself.

Maybe some people around me won't take notice or won't appreciate it but I know what I did, what I had to go through and all of those are worth it. Plus what's more important is that those people who matter actually appreciates it. So yay!

As a blogger, this was my best year so far. I was Nuffnang's Blogger of the Month for July and I am more than happy for that recognition. Probably one of the highlights of my blogging career.

I also reached that million views mark this year. Super happy to see those madaming numbers on my pageviews stats. Parang after several years of blogging, everything was worth it. There are times where I doubt myself if I'll ever achieve my goals for this blog but this 2017 unti unti ng nagbubunga yung paghihirap ko. All those sleepless nights of researching about SEO, designing my site, changing my header, learning about blogging, trying to improve my photos and my online voice, promoting my site - lahat yun unti unti ng nagbubunga.

Yes, it took me years to be establish myself as a blogger. It took me years of hardwork. Wala pa ko sa top blogger status but I'm happy with where I am now.

My blog has blessed me so much this year. Sponsored posts, PR gifts, ang dami dami talaga. More than what I expected actually and so I promise to work harder for the blog this year.

I started this blog as an outlet and I'll still keep it that way. This year challenge talaga to keep it personal. I don't want my readers to get annoyed with all sponsored posts. Mahirap because there are times, wala ako masulat since I try to keep my family life private as well. Plus my work is really demanding but well, this blog gives me so much joy so I try to work harder to keep it going.

Anyway, dahil sinabi kong I will rock 2017 tinodo ko na mga beshies! For several years now, nasa Goals list ko ang matuto mag drive. And every year, I would find an excuse not to. Wala akong koche. Ayoko i-drive koche ni Papa. Marunong naman mag drive asawa ko. Malabo mata ko. Mabagal ako kumilos. Maliit ako. Etc. Etc.

But this year I finally did it! I could finally drive now!!! I could drive for myself and for my daughter. I even have a driver's license (di papel! As in card!)! With my name and my washed out face on it,

I'm not that good yet though because pag pumalo ng 50-60 ang speed ko natataranta ako but still, I could cruise around Metro Manila now. Nada-drive ko na si Peppa! Woohoo!

I also enrolled my daughter to Eye Level this year. We are still homeschooling pero sa totoo lang nauubusan na ko ng energy. Mahirap mag research kung ano na dapat nyang matutunan. So this year, I enrolled her to Eye Level as supplementary to our homeschooling. I could see some improvements and she's really enjoying it so hopefully we'll be ready for a real school this year.

Of course there are a lot of challenges this year. There are people who simply wants to make my life challenging. Oh well. But deadmadela na tayo dyan.

I also forgot to take care of my health. My health took a back seat with all the rocking I did. Masyado akong push push push this year. Actually, may mga bagay akong napabayaan. I realized, di pwede yun.

So for 2018, I wanna go back to basics! Prioritize what's important. So I could be a better me. So I could push myself really hard without compromising anything. Right now, I could say that I was able to balance all my roles but I know that if I keep pushing myself this hard, I'd stumble.



For 2018 I wanna simplify my life.

I already started with my wardrobe. I gave away all unused clothes and kept 2 small boxes of clothes. I promised myself that I would try to keep that wardrobe to a minimum. I also de-cluttered the #FabSkye's closet and toy bins. I even tried to de-clutter our room. Before the year ends, sabi ko sa sarili ko I have to start somewhere so naglinis ako ng bongga.

I wanna go back to basics. Focus on my health and my family's health. I already made the first step into that by getting myself essential oils. Ilang months bago ako na convince ng bestfriend ko and now I'm finally joining the bandwagon. After half a year of using it kasi, maganda ang effect sa kanila so I know it's the perfect way to start.

I'll focus on my family and would give as much of my time as possible. Well, I've always given them quality time but tao lang ako. May mga araw na mas gusto ko mag cellphone kesa kausapin asawa ko which is mali. Hahaha!

I'll let go of the people who have negative impact on me and would try to focus on the positive. I'll let go of the things I can't change and work hard on those I can.

I'll try live a simple life and reflect simplicity on every aspect of my life.

I know I have a lot of things in store for me in 2018. I have a lot of plans and goals for this year. Pero all of those will be a part of my "simplification process".

I realized that simplifying your life doesn't mean letting go of the things around you. It doesn't mean I'll be less driven. It doesn't mean I'll chill. Hell no! If you know me, di pwede sa akin ang pwede na. And I'm a mother. So I'll always strive to be better.

But I guess this year I'll try a different approach. My friends would agree with me that I am FAR FROM BEING SIMPLE. But I can simplify my life while still keeping my colorful self.

It only means I'll let go of the things and people that doesn't spark joy and hold on to things and people that means the world to me. It only means focusing on my job and not be bothered by others anymore. It only means prioritizing my health because a healthy me means a more productive me. It only means loving my family more and more because at the end of the day, they will always be my home. It only means blogging always from my heart and engaging with my readers and not be bothered by numbers or statistics anymore.

Ganun lang yun. Sana nga, ganun ka-simple! hahaha!

Let's all welcome 2018 with a kind and courageous heart! Happy New Year my #ReigningReaders! Please join me once again as I cruise through 2018.

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