Happy, Happy CHRISTmas!

From our growing family, to yours. Happy, happy CHRISTmas my dear #ReigningReaders! 

May Christ remain in our hearts not just this season, but everyday.

To each and everyone of you who stayed with me through my journey as a mother, THANK YOU! This year, the blog has blessed me tremendously. Even if I am not as active as the others, event-wise. Even if I only have a handful of followers on my social media channels, even if I don't do giveaways as much as the others, a lot of you has stayed. A lot has kept on reading me. And I still get a lot of messages from fellow mums thanking me for helping them through this blog. And for that, I am so so so grateful. Each day, you remind me why I started blogging in the first place. And why I kept on blogging.

To the brands who has partnered with me and trusted me, THANK YOU. I never thought that you would trust me and allow me to be your voice. Thank you for allowing me to write honestly because this blog's integrity is a top priority for me. And thank you for being a blessing to our family.

Thank you! Christmas is always a reminder for me to be grateful. To count my blessings and appreciate the people around me. I am blessed beyond belief. Always. Always. Always.

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