Welcome Awesome 2015 and my 2014 Thank You Year Ender!!!


How’s your new year’s celebration? We had a blast! It was double the fun now that we have the #FabSkye with us.


2014 felt like a transition phase for me. I became a mother. My life made a full 180 degrees turn. My whole life changed dramatically.

I was reading my 2012 and 2013 year ender posts and this year seemed like a blah. No travels. No staycations. Less foodtrips. Less books. Almost zero movie trips if not for the MMFF. My life is full of baby stuff and mothering. I now talk about breastfeeding and Baby Led Weaning. Of cloth diapering and treating baby boo boos. But looking back, even if my life seemed so boring, I have tons to be thankful of.

Thank You 2014!!

Skye. My greatest blessing. The number reason why I’m so thankful for 2014. Every day is a happy day because of this little ball of fun. I was praying for a normal delivery but God gave me a beautiful birth instead. Yes it was painful. Yes, recuperating from a CS operation is no joke. Until now I can feel some minor discomforts but it’s okay. My beautiful borthing story is the best there is. And what’s more important is that, I have a healthy baby. Complete toes and fingers. Very strong and happy and smart. She alone made my 2014 perfect.

Korean Baby Look

Successful breastfeeding journey. I never thought that breastfeeding is difficult. I always thought that I’d ace it with flying colors. Maning mani. But hell NO! My breastfeeding journey is full of ups and downs. Of trials. Of difficulties. And we we’re able to overcome it. Me and Skye and my family. I would never have done it if not for my family’s support and encouragement. I suffered low supply a couple of months back, well until now actually, but my baby’s still on breast milk because we practice tamang kain if we are not together. As a result, I have a healthy and active baby. Very happy. Very smart.

Healthy and happy family. 2014 has been good to me by giving me a healthy and happy family. Despite the many difficulties we had this year, we we’re able to overcome those together. I am especially thankful now that Boiboi is healthier and happier now. We ditched his formula milk and shifted to fresh milk so no more cough and phlegm for my baby brother. If only matagal na akong nag aral about breastfeeding and the dangers of formula. Sayang! But it’s okay. Atleast now we know better and is doing the right thing. Boi now eats alot. Mas magana na sya kumain. 10years nga lang sila bago matapos and it seems like Mila does nothing but feed him pero keri lang. He is happier and healthier.

FabSkye Ukay. I’ve been wanting to start a small business for years now but I can’t find the courage. Late last year, I started FabSkye Ukay and although it’s not yet that successful, at least it’s a start diba? And I’m kinda earning naman. :) I just wish 2015 would be good to us and make this little online store successful.

ReigningStill. This blog has been blessed beyond belief for 2014. I could finally, finally call myself a professional blogger now. Sabi kasi nila, once you get paid for doing something, you could call yourself a professional na daw. So yeah! Thanks to my sponsored posts and advertorials, I could finally call myself a professional blogger. I also got event invites. Kinikilig padin ako pag naaalala ko how good 2014 is to my blog. I also joined blogger groups, biruin mo meron palang ganun? And it sure made blogging double fun. I meet fellow bloggers, I meet online friends. Masayang masaya! If only I could buy a new laptop soon. :( I have tons to share already. Pero keri lang! Blessing na din na nasira ang laptop ko. Atleast bibili ako ng bago. I’m already eyeing one. Pambili nalang wala. Hehehe!

All in all, I look at 2014 with a grateful heart. It may not be super awesome but I am still blessed. I’ve had my difficult times. I’m still having some difficulties actually. But I envisioned 2015 to be awesome. To be so much better.

On my last post, I told you about trying to change my views in life. Positivity attracts positivity. And besides, my God never failed me. Not once. Not ever.

I wish all of you my dear readers and friends an awesome 2015! Let’s rock it on!!!




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