2012 Year Ender

Last year, I did a Thank You list and every time I feel down, I just revisit that post and remember all the good things. Those I must always be thankful of. This year, instead of the usual “The Best of <insert blog title here>” I would like to list down my blessings. :)

2012 has been a great year for me. Its not perfect of course but its great! A lot of blessings has come my way and I am forever thankful. I have decided to leave all the negativities and just start to shine bright like a diamond (oo! Rihanna ang peg!).

My Family! I have always always been very glad that I have a family like mine. I have a crazy mother, a father that tries to balance out the craziness of my mother. A loving sister. A pain in my a** brother but still very loving. I have an aunt who lives with us and made sure that our house is as livable as it can be. A cousin who has been like a sister. My other cousins and my other aunts and uncles who just love me dearly. They are crazy. They are not perfect. Most of the time, makabutas bulsa sila but they are my family. They are my HUGE family. Paano ako mauubusan ng pagmamahal kung ganito sila kadami? I don’t think I’ll ever run out of kakampi because I got them. And for that I am happy.

My Friends! My college friends and my High School friends are the best. I also have some friends I met from my previous company who never fail to make me feel how important I am. We may not see each other as often as I want but our friendships still remain.

My Work! I love my job. For the first time in a long time, I feel like not working. I love going to work because I am happy with what I am doing. I learn a lot and still keep on learning. Super daming challenge but I was able to do it. With flying colors and with outstanding outfit. The company I work for and I share the same values which I think is very important.

Successful Fund Raising Project! I helped organize a fund raising project that my company is doing yearly. And this year is huge hit. I am so happy! We could help send kids to school. And I hope we are helping our country be better by educating our children.

My Team! I have the best boss ever!!! He is the sweetest and the kindest. He is a friend. A mentor. He is my kakampi. He listens to us. And he allows us to grow and do things on our own. I still believe I have the best team! We started out as casual officemates but now we have developed a friendship, a bond that I will treasure always. Our team is growing and we welcome all the additions with open arms. Working has been very easy because of them. Working has been very fulfilling.

Promotion! Yup, that promotion is a blessing I truly welcome. I know I deserve it and I know I worked hard for it but it still made me so happy. Being recognized for your work is something.

Rewards and Recognition! Above and Beyond Award, QAE award, Reward points, a simple pat in the back, a simple great job from the bosses! All of those I treasure very much!

My Blog! OMG! How can I even thank all of my readers. You have grown in numbers. I can tell by the stats on my blog profile. Haha! A random tweet and some comments that I get from my readers are proof that we are growing. I don’t dream of becoming an IT girl in blogosphere but just knowing that I have some followers who believe in me and appreciate what I do is something I consider a blessing.

New Toys! I started 2012 with a new lappy. I love Blue Ice to bits and he has made my 2012 blogging a lot easier. Though my camera left me this year (thank you sissy! Grrrrr..) I am looking forward to a new toy (new camera, hopefully better). I also got my S3 this year. I love her to bits. I can live with just her maybe until the S4 arrives. New toys, new gadgets truly made me a happier girl this year.

My Baby Brother! He is and will always be my greatest blessing.

My Dad’s and Mom’s New Toys! I got my papa some new toys he so love. :) I am happy just making him happy. Ganoon ata talaga ang mga anak. And of course, giving my mother what she wants is something that never fails to make me smile. Kahit baliw sya okay na din.

Less Closet Space! I consider this a blessing because it only means one thing, my wardrobe is expanding. I got myself new clothes, shoes, some great bags and accessories. Aba! Dapat mo yun isama sa listahan mo ng blessing especially if you do fashion blogs like I am. The addition to my shoe collection made me the happiest! Hihihihi.. I wish to expand them more.

My ever improving fashion sense! Hahahahaha.. This is a blessing for me because I just love the fact that I have evolved as a person. Finally, I can say that I have found the real Me when it comes to dressing up. I have always been that weird girl who is never afraid to dress up but now I can truly define who I am when it comes to the one thing I love most – fashion! I hope that in this coming year, I could do something to truly improve myself like take fashion classes. Something I must include in my wishlist!

Travels! I had loads of travels this year. I was able to visit Ilocos and Baler. I was able to try Wakeboarding and Surfing. I rode a 4X4 and conquered the Sand Dunes. Though I was not able to visit Puerto Prinsesa (booked the flight but didn’t go) I still think its worth it. Anjan lang naman ang Puerto Prinsesa. Maybe I could visit it this year.

Food Trips and Movie Trips! I was able to try loads of restaurants and watched almost all of the best movies this year. Those little blessings are the best for me! Because I know I deserve it!

Broadways and Musicals! Was able to watch 2 musicals this year. It was just a dream way way back (when I can’t still pay for a ticket). I promise to watch some more. They are worth it!

I am on a book! 2 of my entries made it to The Morning Rush Book 2! I am on an actual book. I saw my twitter handle on an actual book. That’s the closest I am of fulfilling my dream of finally becoming an author. It’s a start right?!

The First Step To My Dream! My biggest blessing this year is taking that first step into fulfilling my dream. I am getting myself a new house! Yan ang dahilan kung bakit ko lagi sinasabing nararamdaman ko ang paghihirap. Ang mahal bumili ng bahay at magpaayos! But its worth it. I hope next year I’d be blogging in my new house? Malayo pa sya sa hinagap actually. Sana lang makaya ko. Pero kaya yan! Aja!

Madami pa yung list of blessings pero ang haba na baka tamarin na kayo! I just list them down so next time I’d feel sad or down, I’ll remember how blessed I am. Do it also guys, feeling ko nga mamaya I’ll edit this and add some more.

It’s a great way to end the year. List down all of your blessings. No matter how small they are. No matter how petty they may sound. They are your blessings guys! It’s a proof that God loves you. Forget the bad things. Just remember the lessons you from them. Maybe you could even list them down as a blessing! Fill your heart with positivity and love. You’d soon realize that you are actually creating good karma. You’d realize that waking up is better when you smile. Wala ng BV! Just be happy always. Avoid the people na nakakasama ng ugali. Be with a bunch of people na puro lang good vibes. Para happy! Sabi nga ni Maya, bawal ang bad vibes nahaharangan nya ang blessings!

I wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!! Share your blessings! Be a blessing to others! 

Thank God for everything! Be a better you! Just smile and face the world with laughter and love. We can all do it. Its our first step into making this world a better place.

All the love from me and my family!

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