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Back to School Preparations

July 04, 2018 0
It's back to school season mga mumsh ! Alam ko for others old news na ito because your bagets are back to school na since last month...

The Little Girl, The Big School and This Millennial Mum

May 11, 2018 0
Hello, fellow mumshies! How are you all doing? It's a Friday and my to do list is overflowing but my brain is not functioning well so I...

#FabSkye's Visit To The Salon

April 01, 2018 0
The #FabSkye's hair (like mine) was always cut by my Tita Malony (my gay uncle who owns a salon). But a few weeks ago, we decided to ...

How I Introduced Saving Up To My Toddler

March 28, 2018 0
I would never dare claim to be financially woke at all. I’m not really that good at handling my finances. I’m still struggling up until now...

Conversations with the #FabSkye Vol. 3

December 08, 2017 2
Having an almost 4 year old daughter is proving to be the ultimate test of patience. Ermergerd ! Nauubos ang buhok ko sa anit sa dami n...

Conversations with the #FabSkye Vol. 2

June 13, 2017 0
Look at how big my baby is! We took this photo last Sunday. She wanted to go to the playground (play areas) and has been bugging us...

I’m not a winner, Nanay.

May 08, 2017 0
I never thought that those few words could hurt me so much. It broke my heart. Really tore me into pieces. I'm not winner, Nanay. ...

Conversations with the #FabSkye

April 29, 2017 0
At three, conversations with my daughter is getting really really crazy and fun. She’s very talkative and strong-willed and I can see so mu...


April 18, 2017 0
When I first heard of the term, Three-nager , I got really scared. Nyahaha! Terrible two is already a handful. I don't know how I&#...

The #FabSkye Turns 3!

February 21, 2017 0
Today, my daughter turns three. I can't believe how fast time flies. I know it's a cliché, and I honestly want to stop using it ...

Our Pedia Dentist Visit and Some Tips in Taking Care of Your Toddler's Teeth

September 09, 2016 0
Last July, we again dropped by the #FabSkye ’s pedia dentist for her semi-annual check up and fluoride thingy. I make sure that we visit ...

Our Potty Training Journey

September 08, 2016 0
The #FabSkye ’s potty training journey is not easy for me. Well, it’s not easy because I am NOT a patient woman. And those of you who k...

My Little School Girl

August 06, 2016 0
Last June, the #ReigningTatay and I decided to enroll our darling little #FabSkye at the Baranggay Day Care Center . We’ve been talking ab...

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