I am Skye Alessandre.

Also known as the #FabSkye in the world wide web and social media. Celerhina Aubrey's unica hija. I am my Nanay's greatest blessing and her number one source of happiness. I'm a happy baby. I used to be an exclusively breastfed baby, but now, I am on extended breastfeeding. I’ll be breastfeeding for as long as I want, says Nanay.

I love playing with everybody, watching BabyTV and singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. My bestfriend is Minnie Mouse and I love her so much. I really think she’s real. I also love Elsa of Frozen. Singing “Let It Go” is my favorite past time. I also watched Frozen like a thousand times already but I still want to watch it more. I am talkative and playful. I love my iPad because I always watch videos of Frozen, toy unboxing and dance craze.

Oh yeah! I love to dance. I am a very good dancer.

I'm also generous in giving out smiles and hellos. I believe that a smile could brighten up even the gloomiest day.

Follow me on Instagram - @skyealessandre to see the latest happenings in my life. Go and follow my Nanay too - @reigningstill. Her timeline is all about me as well.

** Photo by Dar Calado of Frames Perfect Studios.

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