Pregnancy Update: Almost There

Yep. Almost there. As of writing, I am almost full term and is about to pop in a week. We've already scheduled my CS operation but we still have to finalize some stuff.

This pregnancy is definitely far more difficult than when I had the #FabSkye. We had a lot of bleeding episodes, preterm labors, and a visit to the ER. I am also suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for more than a month now. It's debilitating and really really painful specially for someone like me who works on her computer for a living. My blogging also got affected because typing is definitely not easy.

I am now experiencing all the other discomforts like insomnia, painful body parts, difficulty in moving, etc. Sometimes I would find myself crying in pain or desperation. Or worst, both.

Last week, the #FabSkye even caught a nasty bug and was sick for a week. We had to bring her to her pedia and then a visit to the ER when she had an episode of nosebleed which made me go loca. But all is well now. She missed a week of school but is now back and excited to study. She's also looking forward on their school family day happening in a few weeks. I won't be able to attend though but she'll be with her Tatay and I'm pretty sure they'll have loads of fun.

I also had a DIY maternity shoot at home recently. And now, I have a decent maternity pic to look back into. That's something I really regret when I had the #FabSkye. I didn't do a maternity shoot. And I was already thinking of not having another baby diba? So now that I'm pregnant with #GabMazing, push talaga ang maternity shoot. I booked my really good friend and mega super talented make up artist, Cor of Beauty and Glamour, to do my make up and shoot at home. It turned out really nice. Just look at the picture above. It's soooo pretty!

We'll have a behind the scenes video and will share the make ups that we used during the shoot really soon. Watch out for that!

So yeah, I guess that's it! I'm now nesting and prepping everyone for the big day. Please, please, please include us in your prayers. Safe delivery and a healthy baby boy!

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