I'm Nuffnang's Blogger of the Month!


If you're following me on social media (still not? Follow me pronto! I'm @reigningstill on all social media platforms!), you've probably heard of my good news!

Yes, I am Nuffnang Philippines' featured blogger for the month of July!

I woke up to this wonderful news yesterday...

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I'm so, so, so happy!! It's such a privilege to be featured as the Blogger of the Month of the largest blog advertising agency here in the Philippines, Nuffnang!

I never thought this would ever happen. As in never in my wildest dreams! So when Nuffnang asked me to be their July's featured blogger, sobrang na-agit talaga ako. I was so excited. I was nervous. I was in Cloud9.

You all know that I started this blog out of passion. It's a personal blog. And this blog means so much to me. To get recognized makes me so kilig! And I feel so legit. You all know naman na chismisan lang talaga tong blog na to eh. I always call this my halo-halong kalamay of a blog because I post whatever I want to post. Though I've studied SEO and the likes, and though I have tried to increase this blog's reach, ginagawa ko lang yun because it gives me so much happiness to see this blog succeed. Love ko lang talaga sya. For several years actually, I don't care about SEO or blog reach or social media awareness. I just want my blog to look pretty. Pero iba pala talaga yung may readers ka sa blog. Iba yung happiness kapag may nagsasabi sa akin that I was able to help them in one way or another. Ang sarap magbasa ng mga messages nyo and comments.

As I've said on the write up, this blog is my happy place! And you guys make me happy. So this one is dedicated to all my readers! Kahit na alam kong madalas naloloka kayo kasi napapabili kayo ng mga featured products ko dito at mga shows, I know love nyo ko. So thank you!!

Thank you also Nuffnang for this!!! Sobrang saya ko talaga!

If you wanna read Nuffnang's post about me, you can read it here.

Kinikilig pa din ako as I type this!!!

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