Thank You 2013: ReigningStill’s Year Ender

Every year, instead of doing a “The Best of ReigningStill” – I opted to do a “Thank You” year ender. Coz every year, every milestone, every hardships, every problems, every heartbreaks, every blessings and every smile that come my way only made me realize how lucky and loved I am. And this little heart of mine could only do a series of Thank You’s.
My 2012 ended with a heartbreak. I ended a 3 year old relationship because it’s just waaay too much already. I was burned and scarred and hurt and exhausted. That time, I was broken yet I felt so alive. So free. So me. But I never thought that decision would lead me to where I am today.
After my 3 month rule, I decided to date again. Nothing really serious. Just dating. Because I’m still weighing my options. But God  led me to an old love…
That  guy is my first Thank You – to The Companion.
2013 lead me back to him. And though he is far from being perfect, God knows that most of the time I wanna punch him on his nose, I feel that he is perfect for me. Only a guy with so much patience could bear to live with me. My friends know that. I am such a strong woman. I am a dominant partner. And I always thought I need a Superman with me. Well God didn’t bless  me with a Superman or an Ironman, instead He gave me a  man who loves me. Truly loves me. A simple man with no extra powers. I think God always knew what I need. Kelangan ko daw nung lalaking walang ego. Nang lalaking makakapagpatahimik sa akin. Nang lalaking hindi papatulan ang mga tantrums ko kundi uunawain. Mahirap akong kasama, SOBRA. Pero buhay pa sya at mahal nya pa ko. So I guess we are on the right track? :)
IMG_20130724_150657 IMG_20130817_181403 
2013 has been good to me travel-wise. Partida pa nabuntis ako ng June. :-P I was able to visit CDO, Camiguin, Bukidnon, Puerto Prinsesa and El Nido. I was able to tick off some of the places on my “Places To Visit” list. I did White Water Rafting, which is awesome by the way, and the 5 water obstacle and  I was able to visit the beautiful island of Camiguin and the Underground River and the world-famous El Nido! :) It has always been my dream. To travel. To explore as much of the Philippines as I can. To try as many things as I can. And I am glad that I was able to do it. I know that travel is gonna be at the bottom of my list this year or maybe until 2015 or 2016 pero dahil naka-quota naman ako for the past years, keribels na!
I really don’t want to travel much now coz of The Little Peanut. I was thinking na babawi kami sa travel pag mga 3 or 4 yrs old na sya. I want her to remember everything. Ayoko naman na we’ll bring her to places tapos hindi nya maaalala. Pictures lang. Sayang naman!
Although I wasn’t able to do an out of the country trip this year eh nasa 8-Point Goal for 2013 ko pa naman sya, keri na din. Nabuntis nga kasi ako ng June. So hello?! Wala ng time for an out of the country trip. Hassle naman if I go to Hong Kong tapos hindi din ako makakasakay sa mga rides ng Disneyland kasi preggy ako. Diba?! But I hope I can do all of those once The Little Peanut is a bit older na. I was thinking that it’s a blessing in disguise. Altleast first time namin pareho ng anak ko. Ang saya nun! :)
Told you that I did an 8-Point Goal for 2013. And I’m so glad to say that I was able to achieve MOST of it. I didn’t share it with you guys anymore, balato nyo na sa akin yun, but I’m so happy that we we’re able to achieve most of it. I said WE coz hindi lang naman ako ang naka-achieve nun. Madaming tumulong sa akin.
Like that car over there. Yep. We have a brand new old car now. Hahahahaha! It’s on my 8-Point Goal as well. I want to get a decent family car. Lumalaki na si Boi, travelling with him is getting more and more difficult. We need it na talaga. And my parents, who’s so excited for their first apo, wanted a decent car for the Little Peanut as well. Hence the decision to get one now. Hindi namin kaya ang brand new so we settled for a second-hand car. My Father is a driver-mechanic so we’re lucky he knows a couple of things on cars and engines making the decision much easier. Although 2nd hand, we’re confident that we were able to get the best deal. And so far we are loving it. HIndi man sya luxury car, hindi man brand new, pero amin sya. Pinag ipunan, pinaghirapan. Pinagtulung-tulungan. Yun ang nakakataba ng puso.
We were able to get a house and lot also. But it’s our little “working project” as of now. Hindi pa kasi namin sya matirahan. We need to fix ALOT of things pa. But it’s a start. My family is not rich but just thinking that we were able to buy these things is more than enough for me. We value those little things more because we really shed sweat and blood to get those. And we were able to achieve our goals ng magkakasama. Nagtutulungan. And it made me appreciate my family more.
Of course, 2013 will always be memorable for me because this year, I got the greatest and best gift ever – My Little Peanut.
I learned of the pregnancy last July. And honestly, although I really want a child before 30, at first I didn’t know how to feel. I know I want it and I am so happy but at the same time I have doubts and fears lurking on me. I mean, I know how difficult it is to raise a child. I know the responsibilities that comes with it. And I still have a family to feed, I have a baby brother who needs me. And most of all, I just got back with the baby daddy. We are not yet married. I’m gonna be a single momma. Kaya ko ba?!
But despite all of the fears and doubts, I am waaaay beyond happy. Alam mo yung unang nakita mo that there’s actually a heart beating inside you? That’s priceless. And I see that the baby daddy is so happy as well. Sya din madaming takot, alam ko, pero never nyang sinabi or pinaramdam. Every check up, everytime na bibili ng mga vitamins – lahat ng mga milestones ng anak ko, andun sya. We may not be ready for the wedding bells yet but we are getting there. I’m still praying for a lot of things, especially for the companion. But I know that together we can do it.
I am actually starting to build my family. Medyo mali lang ang sequencing pero maaayos din naman yun. I know it. For  now, all my energies are focused on this little one. Preparing for that day that I could finally see her. I know I’m not gonna be a perfect parent or the best mom. Though that thought won’t stop me from TRYING to be the best one.
2014 means another chapter of my life is about to unfold. Kaya ko ba?! Sus! Kakayanin syempre. And I am more than confident that I can do it because I have the best back up. The best supporting characters. I have a wonderful family who’s always been so supportive and so loving. I have the Companion. I have my friends. I have wonderful co-workers. And most of all, I have a GOD who loves me dearly. Madalas, may mga problemang parang walang solusyon but my faith in him never falters. Lagi nga naiisip ko, sobrang swerte ko. Kasi pag may problema, never ako namroblema. I just lift it up to the Lord and allow Him to do His wonders. Tapos voila! Problem solved! I am such a spoiled brat!!
2013 is also a good year for this blog. I think my traffic increased like 500% and I got loads of invites from alot of events and was able to go to some. Although malayo pa ko dun sa levels na may nagpapadala everyday ng gifts and products, ok na ok na ako. Coz I do blogging because I love it. Because I wanna share my experiences. I want an outlet. It’s my therapy. It’s my passion. Parang ang saya saya kasi na may sarili akong website. That there’s a little space in the world wide web where the only thing that matters are my thoughts and my opinions. Ang saya tingnan na may mga pictures ako. May mga memories. Published for public consumption. Ang saya knowing that I have readers whom I inspire kahit wala naman akong ka-inspire-inspire na nagagawa sa buhay ko. More than anything else yun ang masaya. At yung mga “freebies” and “invites” are just perks. Masayang perks.
I am wishing for a better year for me and this blog and my family and my friends this coming 2014. And I hope you guys would continue to love me and join me on my every journey. Expect major changes on this blog next year. Pero promise! Paglabas ng anak ko, balik-alindog project agad ang lola nyo para sa Fashion posts na alam kong miss na miss nyo na! Char! :)
I would also try to improve on my blogging para naman hindi kayo magsawa na bisitahin ako dito at makichismis sa lifestyle network ko.
Again, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! :)

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