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Pregnancy Update: 1st Trimester Woes

August 08, 2018 6
Hello, guys! Yep! Time for Pregnancy update. :) I honestly can't believe that I'm doing it again. I thought I'm done. Anyway...

Some Good News

August 01, 2018 12
Hello, fam! Just a quick post to let you all know that our little family is growing by two feet! The #FabSkye is now promoted as "A...

Hospital Bag Checklist

March 26, 2014 0
My friend, Des, mentioned that she has started packing her hospital bag which made me realize that I haven't made an entry about it yet...

Newborn Baby Must Haves (What You Need On The First Month)

March 20, 2014 3
When I was pregnant, one of my major dilemma is coming up with a list of what to buy for my first born. I tried to google but it only gave ...

Baby Expo 2013

March 08, 2014 0
I totally forgot to blog about our Baby Expo 2013 experience last December! I know. What’s new?! Harhar.. But you have to understand that I...

A Beautiful Birth

March 05, 2014 9
If you do follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you are probably aware that I have already given birth to my most precious baby girl...

Baby ShowerS

February 17, 2014 0
It’s not a typo error guys. That’s really my blog post title. Hihihihi.. Last February 07, I got 2 Baby Showers! Yes! 2! On the same day. ...

Lil'Peanut's 4D Ultrasound

February 02, 2014 1
I have a very nice and practical OB. Unlike others na ang daming pangarap ipagawa sa patients nila, my OB is very much practical. Way back w...

Pregnancy Update: Nesting

January 20, 2014 0
Ever since I announced the pregnancy, people around me have been telling me to do this, buy that, check on this, get that, don’t buy this...

Pregnancy Update: 8th Month and Some Preggy Issues

January 15, 2014 0
I’m now on the 8th month of my pregnancy. I can’t believe how fast time flies. Konting kembot nalang, full term na ko then we’ll see the l...

Pregnancy Update: Dreadful Stretchmarks

January 03, 2014 0
Yesterday, as I was lying down in bed with my tummy exposed, the sister went Ay! May stretch marks!!! In my head, I was like, O...

Hello Third Trimester!

December 14, 2013 2
As per the phone app I am using and What to Expect Book, I am officially on the Third and Final Trimester of my pregnancy!! Woohoo!! A cou...

Pregnancy Update: Ribbons, Tutus and Dresses

November 24, 2013 4
  Last Saturday, we were scheduled for my 2nd trimester ultrasound. My OB didn’t see the need for Congenital Anomaly Scan anymore so we ju...

Bumps, Babies and Beyond by CordLife

November 23, 2013 0
Last Saturday, I was invited by CordLife and Baby Expo to attend Bumps, Babies and Beyond – a talk for expecting moms like me. Even...

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