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ReigningStill is Celerhina Aubrey's personal blog.

While this blog may accept paid advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and other compensations; it will never influence the opinions of the blogger.

Everything written here are her personal views and opinions. What may work for her doesn't mean it would also work for you too. She tries to make every post as positive as she could, but like any other human being, you may find some negativity here and there and she hopes it's okay with you. She's just a painfully honest person.

If you happen to like a post or would like to share it, she would appreciate if you could mention this blog as your source. Please know that she always give her heart to every blog post. It would break her heart to see it copied or plagiarized.

Every photo in this blog with a watermark is owned by ReigningStill. Those that doesn't mostly come from free photo sources or google images unless stated otherwise. Again, she would appreciate if you won't copy her photos or claim it your own. However, if you found your photo being used on this blog and would like it removed, please send an email and we would take it down. Please note that the use of such photos are never done in ill-manner and is most probably because of some misunderstanding.

She's not perfect. It is possible she'd provide incorrect or irrelevant information, if you notice some, feel free to send her a note. She would also appreciate your comments, may it be positive or negative. Just don't be a "hater". We already have too much hate in this world. Let us not add up please.

There's only one rule in this blog, and that is - RESPECT.

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