Child Friendly Malaysia-Singapore Trip Itinerary

Last June, the #FabSkye and I went to our first ever trip out of the country! It was awesome, it was fun but oh so challenging because the #ReigningTatay wasn't able to join us.

Since her birthday wish is to go to Legoland, and has been saving for months, I've decided to do a Malaysia-Singapore Trip so we could maximize our vacation.

Good thing I have a really good friend in Singapore who gave us an airline voucher (huge discount for the #FabSkye's airfare) and helped us with our itinerary. The entire time I was planning for our trip, I've been messaging her left and right and asking for tips and suggestions.

It is very important for me to create a child-friendly itinerary because we're all girls (we traveled w/ my cousin and her friend) and I have a 4 year old with me. We ditched the stroller because the #FabSkye was never the stroller-kind of kid. She would rather run and run and run than sit still. A stroller would be an added baggage.

We had a 5 days 5 nights trip (left Manila really late in the evening). Stayed in Malaysia for 2 days and 3 days in Singapore. We made sure that we don't have a packed itinerary so we could have a lot of rest time in between.

So if you are looking for a child-friendly, relaxed but sulit kind of itinerary for your Malaysia-Singapore trip, read on!! Eto na yun! Make sure to read until the end because I'll give tips and chenes in between.

Day 0 (Manila)

09:45 PM     -   Departure from Manila

We decided to get the late night flight so the #FabSkye could sleep on the plane (which she didn't because she's so excited) and so that we could take the earliest bus trip to Johor Bahru, Malaysia the next day.

We arrived in SG around 1AM and stayed at my friend's flat. We slept there and left some of our luggage so it'll be easier for us to travel to Malaysia.

So when we packed our luggage here in Manila, I made sure that I pack our clothes for Malaysia in separate packing cubes and brought a smaller overnight bag. We just transferred some of our stuff to the overnight bag and ready for Malaysia na kami. My friend is the one who brought our luggage to the Airbnb, where we plan to stay for the rest of our trip. If wala kayong friend na pwede pag iwanan, I suggest you take nalang the morning flight to Malaysia. Or find a baggage counter na pwede pag iwanan ng mga luggage. Or if kaya nyo, bring nalang everything with you to Malaysia. Very convenient naman the shuttle bus to Johor Bahru.

We took the WTS Coach Bus for our roundtrip SG-Johor Bahru bus ride (tickets cost 1059.22Php each). There are cheaper alternative to this. There's a public bus to Johor Bahru that cost way way cheaper but we decided to take the coach bus so that we don't have to bring our luggage down upon exit in SG.

We still have to bring our luggage for immigration checking upon entrance to Malaysia though. But drop off point is right in front of the immigration already so it's easy. They'll pick us up in front of the exit of the immigration also so we don't have to walk far. Most importantly, we took the same bus so we won't have to worry if we are riding the right bus. If I'm not mistaken, sa public bus, you'll take the available bus lang. Takot ako maligaw kaya nag coach bus nalang kami. Plus, the seats are much more comfy!

Day 1 (Malaysia)

01:20 AM    -   Arrival in SG (stay w/ a friend to nap and freshen up)
07:00 AM    -   Leave for Legoland to bus pick up and breakfast
08:30 AM    -   Singapore Flyer (bus pick up and tickets)
09:00 AM    -   Departure from SG
10:30 AM    -   Arrive in Legoland, Hotel checkin/leave luggage

Standard checkin time for the hotel is 2PM, but Somerset allowed us to leave some of our bags with them while we visit Legoland. They also have a shuttle service to Puteri Harbour (where Hello Kitty Town is) so we decided to book them. Plus they are really cheap!

Our hotel tickets are booked via (for only 4,200Php per night). I searched for affordable hotels around Legoland and Somerset Medini for me is the most affordable and the nearest. We are supposed to stay at the Legoland Hotel but it's very expensive! Initially, it was just around 9,000Php but by the time we are ready to book, the price is already around 12K for 4 adults + 1 child. And we had to pay for tourist fee as well. Not worth it for me. But I want to stay at a hotel that's walking distance from Legoland because I honestly don't want to take public transpo or waste money with Grab car.

Somerset Medini passed with flying colors. It right across Legoland, cheap, and has free shuttle to Hello Kitty Town. Winner!

11:00 AM    -   Lunch
12:00 PM    -   Legoland Waterpark

Since it's just the two of us, who wants to visit Legoland Waterpark, I decided to just stay for 2 hours. That's more than enough for her. She had a blast sliding on the mini slides and frolicking on the water. She even managed to get a friend.

We got our Legoland tickets are from Klook. They have the cheapest rate. There are a lot of options for Legoland Tickets but we decided to get the 1 day pass for waterpark and themepark (2493Php for adults, 2002Php for child) while my cousin and her friend (na takot maligo) got the 1 day pass themepark tickets (2002Php for adults).

Sulit na yun for us because we stayed for 2 hours at the waterpark lang and stayed until around 7PM at the themepark. Pagod na pagod na kami nun.We were able to check out most of the rides (check out only because all of us don't like riding those scary themepark rides) and rode a couple. You can of course always opt for the 2 day pass if you really want to sulit your stay.

02:30 PM    -   Legoland Themepark

06:30 PM    -   Back to hotel, Dinner

For lunch, we ate at Burger King at the nearby mall and dinner only cost us 1MYR each for a cup noodles. Pagod na kasi so our plans of having dinner at the mall got cancelled. Tulog ang #FabSkye agad pagtapos namin maligo. Kinabukasan na nagising. Buti nalang we had snack at the Legoland themepark. We just bought cup noodles at the 7-11 store below na super duper cheap.

Day 2 (Malaysia)

11:00 AM    -   Checkout of the Hotel, shuttle to Hello Kitty World
                         Lunch @ Hello Kitty Cafe

12:30 PM    -    Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour, Shopping

The Sanrio Hello Kitty and Thomas Town has 3 levels: 1 level for Hello Kitty Town, 1 level for Thomas Town and 1 level for other Sanrio Characters. Again we got our tickets from Klook (834Php for adult and child). We only opted for Hello Kitty Town pass instead of the Two Park pass because we thought the #FabSkye would only appreciate Hello Kitty. But nanghinayang talaga ako because we should have gotten the two park pass! There are more rides at Thomas Town. Plus you can't enter the Other Sanrio Characters level because it's tied up with Thomas Town. And we have lots of time pa to spend at Puteri Harbour.

04:30 PM    -    Pick up point for bus to SG
05:00 PM    -    Depart Hello Kitty Town to SG
09:00 PM    -    Dinner, Checkin AirBNB, Rest

We spent almost 2hours at the SG immigration entrance. Nakakaloka!! Sabi nila, we should have gotten a private car para mabilis daw at no need ng bumaba. Eh dala pa naman namin all our bags because immigration entrance nga iyon. And the #FabSkye is sooo tired and is sleeping so I was carrying her the entire time. We are so so so tired.

Kaya tip ko lang, if you have extra moolah, book a private car going back to SG. Going to Malaysia is a breeze but going back is a nightmare.

We were supposed to get private cars talaga but it's sooo expensive! Nanghinayang ako. But while lining up at the immigration at binabalakang na sa pagbuhat ng bagets, naisip ko talaga na willing to pay ako kahit magkano! hahaha!

So yeah, for tipid tips w/ convenience, go for coach bus going to Johor Bahru and private car going back to SG! It'll be worth it.

Day 3 (Singapore)

08:00 AM    -   SG Zoo, Lunch

Singapore Zoo had to be on our itinerary because her firist zoo experience at Manila Zoo made her sad. The animals are thin and are caged. So this experience at Singapore Zoo made everything so much better.

Again, tickets are from Klook (1416Php for adults, 905Php for child). We spent the entire day here. You really to brace yourself for loooooong walks and lots of roaming around. I suggest wear something really comfortable. There are loads of trees and grass and they say there are lots of insects and mosquitoes so pack your mosquito repellents. I had the #FabSkye wear light colored leggings to protect her from insects bites asides from our reliable Giga. I guess it's effective because no insect bites for us!

Make your kids wear comfy shoes as well. The #FabSkye is wearing her reliable Crocs shoes that is both comfy and easy to clean. I'm wearing something very comfy as well. Bring a water bottle, because you'll be walking all day. There are loads of water fountain in the area. We also packed some light snacks so we won't have to buy much.

05:00 PM    -    Dinner, Gardens By The Bay (Flower Dome, Cloud Forrest, Super Trees)

Our soon-to-be signature pose - "Kissing Pose".

We capped off our day by visiting Gardens By The Bay. We also bought our tickets for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest from Klook (905Php for adults, 551Php for child). The Super Trees are so pretty at night. Mahirap lang mag pictures because madaming tao.

Day 4 (Singapore)

09:00 AM    -   Leave for USS, Breakfast
10:00 AM    -   USS, Lunch
Another "Kissing Pose".

Then one whole day was spent at Universal Studios Singapore! We had a grand time here kahit di kami mahilig mag-rides. We were supposed to skip USS but we thought, sige na to complete our SG experience. Buti nalang we went there because we ended up having loads of fun. Again, tickets are from Klook (2703.85Php for adults, 1987.82Php for child).

08:00 PM     -   Dinner at Satay By The Bay

After a tiring day at USS, we capped off the night by having a late dinner at Satay By The Bay. Not really near so we ended up taking Grab. But we had to dine there for our chili crab fix. Alam mo na, food is life.

Day 5 (Singapore)

08:00 AM    -   Checkout Airbnb, go to Airport and leave luggage
09:00 AM    -   Breakfast at Airport
10:00 AM    -   Merlion Park, Lunch

Kissing Pose with Merlion

No SG trip is complete without a pic with the Merlion. We were supposed to drop by there on our first day at SG but we ended up having loads of fun with the Super Trees kaya ginabi kami ng husto.

So after checking out early on our Airbnb, we went straight to the airport to leave our luggage with Jin and have breakfast. Then we took a Grab to Merlion and another Grab back to the airport.

03:00 PM    -   Checkin for flight to Manila, Stay at the airport
05:25 PM    -   Departure from SIN

We spent the afternoon touring the Changi Airport while waiting to board our flight. Oh diba? Ang saya!

We still have loads of other places we could visit, at nagtira talaga kami coz we plan to go back really soon!

I love Singapore. Even the #FabSkye fell in love with the place. It is very very convenient. The public transpo is very convenient even if you have a toddler with you because elevators are everywhere. The trains are fast. The buses are convenient. And the people are nice and respectful. Every time we'd get in a packed train or bus, someone would always offer his/her seat to us. No abled person uses the elevator. All of them use the escalator all the time so the elevators are always available for the PWDs, elders and kids.

We used a combination of Grab and public transpo. My friend gave me a sim card with free mobile data that we used for google maps and searching and some social media posts. We would usually check google maps to ask for directions on how to go to a place. If the nearest bus stop or train stop would require us to walk for 10min and more, we would usually check first how much is the Grab fare and how long is the travel time if we do it via car. Sometimes if it's too expensive, we'd take the train and get off to the nearest stop and then take a Grab. But sometimes if the fare is not too steep, and we are already tired, we'd take Grab all the way.

Major props because our Airbnb is just literally 2 minutes away from the train station. As in pagbaba mo ng elevator, onting walk lang elevator na ulit to the train station. That's one of the major thing I considered when I booked for an Airbnb. There are hotels at the center of SG but is kinda far from the train station so no-no yun! Mas importante na malapit sa station for us kasi nga connected naman ang buong SG at mabilis naman ang mga byahe ng public transpo nila. But still, di kami nagtipid sa Grab because we have a toddler nga and her convenience is always a top priority. Buti nalang din mga tamad maglakad mga kasama ko at willing to pay extra for convenience. But we still plan our travels para din naman if ever, makatipid naman kami ng onti.

There you go! I hope this post could help you plan your next travel. And more importantly, sana nabasa nyo nga until end. At di naman kayo nakatulog.

Goodluck in planning mga mumshies and papshies! If you have other tips, feel free to comment below!!


  1. Nice, trip for Skye! Mag plan na nga ng next trip kasama mga kids natin!

    1. Kaya nga eh!! Tara na! Pero manganganak muna pala ako. hahahahah!

  2. Ayan, may kokopyahan na ako! Hahaha! :p

    1. May tips pa! Mag private car pauwi. That's the best thing to do. hehehehe!


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