Wow! 2016 would end in a few hours. It has been a roller-coaster ride for me. Usually, at this time of the year I would read last year’s year-ender/year-starter post and would contemplate on how my year turned out. As early as November, the minute I got my planner for the following year, I’d be busy writing my year’s goals.

Every year, I would spend months thinking of my hashtag of the year. Last year was #Wiser2016. That hashtag was probably the most challenging for me. I claimed to be #Wiser2016 in every aspect of my life. And honestly, kung tatanungin nyo if na-achieve ko sya, I’d probably say “slight lang”. But all the stuff I wrote on my Goals List was crossed out and it’s the first time I was able to cross everything out (woohoo! taps myself on the back). I really tried very hard to achieve everything. Pero, may mga fail padin talaga.

I failed to complete our target Emergency Fund. And there’s  a ton of good reasons for that.

But our main reason is because we got ourselves a car. I know I said on my #Wiser2016 post that I’m so proud I didn’t push through with the car loan I was initially planning on the last quarter of 2015. Because my bestfriend says we should have at least 1 year worth of amortization on our “car loan” account before even considering getting one. Well, we don’t have at least 1 year worth of amortization but we have enough to cover at least half a year. Plus, my company shoulders a huge chunk of the amortization so magaan talaga sya for us. Also my husband’s sister, who works at Honda Manila gave us a really good deal and a huge discount. Medyo umaray lang si Emergency Fund ng very very light.

But why did we get one? We have finally decided to get a car around June. Because we’re always having trouble getting Uber and cab. My daughter attends swimming lessons at the Bert Lozada Swim School in Pasig and we had to commute! Yes. Like jeep, tric levels of commute with akyat-ng-MRT-para-tumawid-sa-EDSA effect. Ang hirap bes! Naiyak ako, literal. Then we went to Tagaytay to attend a friend’s wedding. I realized that not having a car is our main reason why we always limit our travels. Plus, ang mahal ng Uber! And kawawa ang bata pag nagji-jeep. Mga lecheng driver kasi yan na akala mo hari ng daan. If only this country has a good public transport, hindi po namin gugustuhin magsasakyan promise!

Although I can’t list down our car, Peppa, as one of the things to thank for 2016 kasi sabi nga ng asawa ko, she’s not yet ours. She belongs to the bank. So we are only allowed na ipagmalaki ang pagmamay-ari kay Peppa pag fully paid na daw. Kumusta naman? Hahahaha! So we have to take good care of Peppa para when that time comes that we could finally call her ours, and have her photoshoot, maganda pa din sya. Hihihi!

2016 started a bit off for me. Honestly, I’m not sure where to go career-wise. Around the first quarter of the year I had an offer from another company. A promising offer that made me really think and ponder. Yes, compensation-wise it was so much better (like almost wow levels) but I know deep in my heart that it’s not “right”. I listened to my instinct and finally, by the last quarter of this year, I realized why.

Totoo, everything happens in God’s perfect time. There’s a reason why I said no to that wonderful offer. It’s because I was given another opportunity on the company I love. My 2017 would probably be crazy, career-wise. Feel na feel ko na sya. My January is gonna be busy. I have to go somewhere for 2 weeks and leave my daughter because of work. Nakakaloka! But I prayed for this. I always say it on this blog – I love my work. I damn love my work. And so I had to do it! I prayed so hard for this opportunity. Now it’s here. And I’m gonna make sure I won’t just do fine. I’m gonna rock it real hard.

Another reason for our failed emergency fund is because I started a small business, and failed on the first quarter of 2016. Hanggang ngayon dama ko pa yung sakit nun financially. But I’m claiming 2017 to be better.

Nakakatawa because most people on my feed said that 2016 is a ruthless year. I guess totoo. 2016 is ruthless and unexpected and crazy. But this is also the year of hope, of changes (#Du30! Char!) and people are generally afraid of change, of new beginnings. Eto yung taon na madaming may paki. Eto yung taon na parang ang daming passionate sa lahat ng bagay. At ang saya nun. I love seeing passionate people on my feed. Di natin kelangan maging magkapareho ng paniniwala. Importante, may paki ka! So 2016 might be ruthless but 2016 taught us a whole lot. 2016 made me appreciate everything I have now. 2016 made me realize that things will fall into place eventually. 2016 is when I reaped what I sow.

And I’m claiming 2017 to be a better year. This time I’m not just claiming it. I’m not simply praying for it. I will work really hard to make sure that it’ll be a better year. I WILL ROCK 2017! I will push myself to more than my limit for 2017.

2016 was tough but because I claim it to be a good year and because I claim to be #Wiser2016, I got out stronger. 2016 left me fiercer, braver. Not just wiser.

So tara na? Samahan nyo ko ulet ah! #ReigneRocks2017!!!! Push natin to mga bes.


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