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The Blog


ReigningStill is Celerhina Aubrey's online diary. Her personal blog. Her own little space in the world wide web. It's as diverse as her personality and as bipolar as the Philippine weather. What used to be a Style and Fashion Blog is now a happy Home and Life Style Blog with a little bit of fashion and beauty here and there. 'Coz she will always be a self-proclaimed fashionista.

ReigningStill was coined after Celerhina Aubrey's nickname - Reigne. It means "she still reigns". On where? She also don't know. That's her twenty-something-self trying to conquer the world and wants a tagline for doing such. The name sticks and she still loves the way it sounds so she's claiming it to be all her, until she recently learned that Regine Velazquez actually had a concert entitled Reigning Still. Epic fail! :)

Right now, ReigningStill is where she documents her journey to motherhood and her darling little Skye's milestones. Her happiness, her triumphs, her issues and woes are all here.

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The Blogger


Celerhina Aubrey is a neophyte mum. Testing her ropes on this crazy world called Motherhood. She always loved blogging or writing for that matter. She's also a self-proclaimed fashionista. A lover of life and adventure. A bookworm and a party girl. She always believes in living life to the fullest. That travelling is the best teacher and experience the best weapon.

She is blessed with a beautiful daughter named Skye Alessandre. And like all mums, she's trying her best to be a good mother to her darling little one despite the many hats she has to wear.

Celerhina Aubrey is a PR friendly blogger. She accepts sponsorships, advertorials, brand collaborations, etc. But please note that ReigningStill is a personal blog so she'd only accept advertorials on products she truly believes in. Because for her, the blogosphere is a strong and crazy world. She wants to be honest to her readers. Though she has a soft heart for momprenuers and small entreprenuers, just give her a holler and she'd be glad to help you out!

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