Panglao Island Tour (Day 2 of my Bohol Trip)

Alright! Here’s another installment of my Cebu-Bohol post. I know it happened ages ago. I’m sorry! I’m lame like that. Hahaha.. I totally forgot the exact details of my trip but I’ll try to give you as much information as possible.

Anyway, our 2nd day in Bohol is supposed to be spent in the sea for our much awaited Island Hopping. We woke up as early as 5AM and texted Kuya Tatsky to ask for the boatman’s number. However, Kuya Tatsky told us that the weather is not cooperating that morning. The waves are kinda strong for our boat and it’s a bad timing for an Island Tour. We need to be in the airport the next day after lunch to catch our 3PM flight back to Manila. And we we’re so worried that we won’t have enough time for an Island Hopping tomorrow. But Kuya Tatsky re-assured us that we can still do the Island Hopping the following morning that is if the weather is good. :)

So our 2nd day problem now is where to go. We again hired a car and asked for the same driver to Kuya Tatsky. Forgot our driver’s name but he’s so nice so we asked for him again. He arrived in no time. That’s one thing I liked about Kuya Tatsky’s drivers. They are always on time.

Anyway, since we haven’t had a tour of Panglao Island, that’s what we do on our 2nd day in Bohol. I think Kuya Tatsky agreed that we can rent the car for Php1600 only.

Our first destination is the Dauis Church, which is Panglao Island’s oldest church. This is also where you can see the Mama Mary’s Well. I brought home some bottled water from the well for my baby brother. :) The water from the well is said to be miraculous as it was found when there is drought on Panglao hundreds of years ago. Upon entering the church, ladies who are wearing shorts or tube tops/spaghetti strap tops are required to wear “saya” and cover ups. The church provide those so don’t worry. They say that one must be dressed appropriately for the church which I like. We spent some time praying for the Our Lady Assumption and taking pictures around the area.


At the back of the Church is Dauis Watch Tower. They say something like this tower serves to be the venue where people are looking out for pirates or whatever. I can’t remember. Hahahah.. But I know that they use it to make sure that they know ahead of time if someone is approaching the area. :) We’re not sure if going up the tower is allowed. Our driver says he doesn’t usually let other tourists go up for safety reasons. But the Watch Tower is not locked! So we went ahead. Telling our very nice driver that we’ll take extra care. Hahahaha.. Anyway, all of us are so glad that we went ahead and climb the steep stairs because the view that welcomed us is so breathtaking. We can see almost the entire Dauis and the very scenic view of Bohol Beach. Philippines is really a beautiful country I must say.


Our next stop is the Shell Cottage. We learned loads of stuff here. We paid Php15 for entrance fee and that’s it. :) There’s a caretaker who explained to us the different shells and where we can find them They have the most common shells found in Bohol and those that can be found only in Panglao. They even have the smallest shell there. We even need to use a magnifying glass to actually see it. Amazing!


Our next stop is Bingag Zoo. Although, they are mostly popular for their Ostrich and their Peanut Kisses! We paid Php 30 for the entrance and bought loads of Peanut Kisses. Our very reliable driver told us that they sell Peanut Kisses on much lower price. Hahaha.. So future Bohol travellers, you know where to buy Peanut Kisses ok?! Buy them in the Zoo! Harhar..

Anyway, the ostrich is HUGE! And they also got snakes and owls and eagles and loads more. I love animals but I’m afraid on most of them. Although, I touched an Albino Python for the sake of pictures. But when the zoo keeper asked me to get inside the cage of that huge python to have my picture taken, I just have to refuse. I mean, I’m small enough to fit on that snakes stomach. Thank you very much.


Next stop is the very beautiful Hinagdanan Cave. Oh I tell you! It’s very beautiful. And the “Kuya’s” who’ll assist you are very nice and funny. We were laughing all the time. And they are very good in taking pictures. They know the settings of EVERY camera. As in every single camera. People of Bohol are very talented I tell you. The Hinagdanan Cave is a must see. Make sure to visit this one. We paid Php15 for entrance and Php50 for the parking.


Next is lunch at Bohol Bee Farm. We wouldn’t dare miss this one. And I’m so glad we didn’t! We had the yummiest and not to mention healthiest Pizza and Pasta. And if there’s one thing that I so love in Bohol, it’s their very yummy and uber frutty shakes.

Bohol Bee Farm is a very nice place. I think, if I’ll ever go back to Bohol, I’ll stay there. I mean, they are so beautiful and very relaxing. I love it. The interiors, the pool. Everything! It’s just so beautiful there.

One of their main attraction is their Ice Cream. They have all the weird flavors but they are a must-try. The ice cream is thick and creamy and very delicious. The sweetness is just right. Oh now, I want Ice Cream!


After the yummy lunch, we headed to Dumaluan Beach Resort. Since we’re staying on Alona Beach, we want to make sure that we wouldn’t miss this part of Panglao. Where they say is much less crowded. And very much more expensive if I may add. I must say that Dumaluan Beach and Alona are practically the same. Although we walked until we reached Bohol Beach Club which is much more less crowded than Dumaluan. Actually, no one is on that side of the beach. Again, we don’t know if what we did is allowed. Entering Dumaluan and then staying in the front of Bohol Beach Club. But I guess since the guard didn’t shoo us away, it’s probably okay. Hahaha…

We had crazy moments here. All photos below are proof of our craziness. There’s 4 of us and yet I feel like I’m in a crowd. Crazy people I tell you.

Anyway, we paid Php25 as entrance to Dumaluan Beach Resort. Then Php15 for the rest room. We didn’t use the free one coz the paid restroom are better. Anyway, it only proves that we can still enjoy the Dumaluan Beach without shelling out much money. Ako na budget traveller!


After Dumaluan, we went back to our Inn and rest. It was a very tiring but fun day. :) a.M and Randy however, decided to stroll down the beach of Alona while Dey and I are taking our nap. At around 7PM, we went out for dinner. We we’re so exhausted that when we noticed that the establishment next to our Inn is actually a restaurant, we just went there without thinking. They have grilled everything. And they seem to be quite popular among the local tourist and foreigners based on the diners. We even had a hard time getting seats. We just ordered pork and chicken barbeque and liempo. I was supposed to get squid but I already forgot why I didn’t. :-S Or maybe I did but I wasn’t able to take a photo. Oh well! As usual, we ordered fruit shakes and again, they didn’t disappoint. Kalurks! Kahit yung shake vendor sa labas ng Hinagdanan Cave ang sarap nung tinda. Shake heaven talaga ang Bohol!


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