Review: River Watch Floating Resto at Loboc River

One thing that got me so excited about our Bohol trip is the Loboc River! I’ve been dreaming of seeing the river ever since the hype and popularity it gained years ago. Add that Bea-JL-Sam movie and I’m hooked!

Anyway, the river didn’t disappoint me. It so clean. It was so peaceful. It was PRICELESS!


We paid Php 400 for the buffet lunch. We’re all so hungry that I really ate A LOT! They served crab and chicken and dinuguan and some other Filipino food. I guess I ate half of the crabs served. As in! But I must tell you that of all the dishes, it was the crab and the fried chicken that I loved best! Not bad really.


I’m just so happy that I got to share the experience it with G.p! :) She was not able to eat much because she’s like a kid who leaves her plate to take pictures. But I know she enjoyed the cruise as much as I did.


So that’s it! :) One thing off my list. I cruised on Loboc River, dined on the floating resto with full serenade and I joined the locals on their ukelele number. Happiness indeed.


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