Review: Bohol Bee Farm (Panglao Island, Bohol)

Another Bohol post! :) Yey! Nyahaha.. Aykendudis!!!
DSC01928L-R: a.M, Dey, the chubz chubz Me and Randy
Oh anyway… our friend Dey made sure that this resto is part of our Bohol itinerary. Based on her extensive research (which include asking friends who went to Bohol already), this is the best place to dine in Panglao. I honestly didn’t do much research before going to Bohol because, well, because I’m with them and they practically do all the research work for all of us. Harhar.. Tamad much! :) Efficient! So I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I’ll be seeing loads of bees honestly. But to my utter amusement, the place is sooooo gorgeous (more about that on my next post).
IMG_0390The cutie menu and napkin.
I made this special post for Bohol Bee Farm’s restaurant basically because they deserve it. All of the food they serve are organic. Meaning not a single drop of chemical fertilizer was put on the plants that they use in cooking so this is definitely a healthy dining experience. But more than being healthy, I love Bohol Bee Farms scenic view. Imagine enjoying your yummy pizza while seeing the white sands of Panglao Island? And the deep blue sea and the gorgeous sky. EPIC! Very bakasyonista ang peg! Kalurks!
The moment we were seated, complimentary bread and spreads were served to us. I’m telling you, the spread is the yummiest I’ve ever tasted and I can’t believe it’s ginger. The bread is soft and has that right amount of moisture. You would also taste the difference in the flour used because it’s more sweet and tasty. The bread alone is enough, I’m sold!
IMG_0105IMG_0104Complimentary bread and spreads.
According to Dey, Bohol Bee Farm’s pizza and pasta are to die for. And being the ultimate seafood lover, I really made sure that we’ll get Seafood Pizza. And to be honest, it was a perfect choice. I’m not sure if it’s because the entire meal was organic or what but the pizza is just so delicious. The crust is baked into perfection and has that “I can’t explain what it is” taste. It was just so delicious, perfectly delicious. It’s my favorite actually. Surely, one of the tastiest pizzas I’ve ever had.
DSC01938Seafood Pizza (Php 280.00)
For our pasta, they wanted to be more healthy by ordering Fresh Herb Pasta and Spaghetti with Shrimps and Tomatoes. I liked the fresh herb penne pasta but I find the spaghetti a little bit sour on my taste. :( Maybe because it’s made from fresh tomatoes and not the usual and unhealthy tomato paste that I’m so used to. Oh! The downside of living in the metro.
DSC01930Fresh Herb Pasta (Php 190.00)
DSC01940Spaghetti with Shrimps and Tomatoes (Php 260.00)
And then of course, the stars of the show. Bohol Bee Farm’s Fruit Shakes! Our Bohol trip is full of fruit shakes. For me, Bohol has the best fruit shakes ever. Even the shakes sold on the streets are so much better than the one’s served in the restos here in Manila. Must be because they use 100% fruit.
Anyway, I got Bee-Fi (camote + pineapple + mango), G.p went for her usual Co-Banana (tsokolate + banana), while Randy went safe with Mango Banana and Dey went a little braver by getting Gingered Mango shake having read somewhere that it’s yummy. Only to learn one of her biggest lessons in life… everyone’s taste differ! Hahaha.. We all can’t bear the taste of ginger on her drink. Hahaha.. Even she was not able to drink it at all. Oh well! Life in Bohol it is.
DSC01931Bee-Fi (Php 80.00)
DSC01932Co-Banana (Php 80.00)
DSC01933Mango Banana Shake (Php 80.00)
DSC01934Gingered Mango Shake (Php 80.00)
For those planning to visit the beautiful Panglao Island of Bohol, make sure you drop by Bohol Bee Farm. Do not miss it. It would surely complete your trip.
Now, I’m hungry and craving for some pasta and pizza! :’(

Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis,
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