Staycation: Best Western Plus Antel Hotel (Makati)

Finally, finally blogging about our Best Western Plus Antel Hotel staycation last February! Hooray! We stayed on this hotel to celebrate the #FabSkye’s first birthday and we definitely had a blast!

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (10)Obligatory Family Picture

Weeks before my darling’s birthday, I have finally decided to do a staycation. Actually, I initially wanted a big party for her. Been saving up for months and months. But stuff happen and I decided to cancel the big party idea. For weeks I’ve been undecided. Until one day, I saw a deal for a nice hotel in Manila. And I was thinking, yeah! We’d do a staycation and then celebrate her birthday with the people who matters most, my best friends (her Ninangs). But the hotel’s CS people are a crazy bunch. To cut the long story short, I decided I don’t want to stay there anymore. Which is great coz I saw a nice hotel deal in Agoda the next day, destiny!

When I saw that a 2 bedroom suite at a hotel in Makati would only cost me a little less than 4000php, I immediately booked for a room. What a score!

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (2)

Best Western Plus is situated at the very heart of Makati. Very near the Century City Mall. It looks like a fancy condominium were some units are turned into a hotel. The lobby was big spacious. The hotel staff and concierge are very friendly and accommodating. When we arrived, we requested for an early check in. And they obliged. We only waited for a couple of minutes while they tidy up the room for us. Our room was situated at The Spa building. The moment the elevator door opened, you’d instantly feel like you are indeed on a spa. There’s a very slight smell of aromatherapy massage oils and the corridor lights are a bit dim. Very relaxing.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (5)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (14)

When we entered our room, we were greeted by a semi-spacious living room. Actually, for a 2 bedroom hotel suite, this is actually spacious enough. Perfect for our party!!

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (3)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (6)

There’s a sofa, coffee table and a wall-mounted television. The living room is also air-conditioned which is perfect. There’s also a small dining table with 4 chairs. I love the big windows which is perfect if you want some natural light.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (13)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (4)

On the other side is the kitchen area. There’s a sink, a microwave, a small fridge, a kettle, cups, glasses and some plates. I love that it’s not cramped at all. Just perfect if you want a space to prepare your meals.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (12)

The smaller room has a twin sized bed. A small desk and a chair was also provided. There’s a huge cabinet on one corner and it’s very own air-conditioning unit. The rooms also has it’s own toilet and shower area. My brother stayed in this room and he loves it. The mattress is firm and the pillows are fluffy. Perfect for a relaxing sleep. I also love the wide window on one side.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (9)

The master’s bedroom, on the other hand, has a queen sized bed with firm mattress and fluffy pillows too. But my favorite would be a very soft comforter. It has it’s own air-conditioning unit and so the thick but fluffy comforter is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (8)

The master’s bedroom also has its own television , albeit smaller than the one on the living room. A small working space, and a huge cabinet is also provided. It also has a floor-to-ceiling window which is super perfect if you want natural light in the early morning.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (11)

The master’s bedroom also has its own toilet and bath. Me and the #FabSkye had so much fun on the bath tub since she can’t swim on the pool because the water’s freezing. The bathroom has ample supply of soaps, shampoo, conditioner and lotion. Toothbrush, shaving kit and a small hair dryer is also present. Their heater is working perfectly fine (thank you very much) and a bidet was installed (hallelujah). Robes and towels are also provided. I love that their towels smells fresh and immaculately white.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (1)

This is the #FabSkye’s first bath tub experience. Hahahaha! And she was so amazed by the bubble bath. We played for a good 20minutes before I called it off and she reluctantly left the bath tub. My baby loves her bath time so much. But she was used to her small baby tub here at home. She finds the bath tub more enjoyable because she was able to move more freely. I just hope they provided a bath mat too. I was holding the baby tight the entire time because I’m so afraid she might slip.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (18)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (16)

The following morning, we visited the hotel’s outdoor pool. I don’t have a decent picture of the pool (sorry!) but they have a small kiddie pool near the lounge chairs, perfect, me thinks, coz it’ll allow the mums/guardians to see their kids while sun bathing.

Too bad the water was freezing that time so the #FabSkye was not able to try it out. But me and the Reigning Tatay and my brother tried it out. Whoah! Too cold. We only stayed for a couple of minutes because we really can’t stand the freezing water.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (17)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (21)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (20)best-western-plus-antel-hotel (19)

On the other side of the pool was the play area. Here, the #FabSkye sure had a blast. She had fun playing with balls and climbing and crawling at the play house. I will blog about it too. So many cute pictures, promise.

best-western-plus-antel-hotel (15)

Overall, it was so much fun. Can’t wait to have another staycation really soon. I am eyeing another hotel near our place. I honestly need a break.

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When: 21-22 February, 2015
Where: Best Western Plus Antel Hotel Makati
What: Skye's first birthday celebration and a family staycation
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars
What I love: Big, spacious room. Complete ammenities. The pool was pretty but I hope they had a heated pool (haha!). Nice lounge chairs and perfectly situated kiddie pool. The play area is big and clean. Very friendly staff. The location is perfect, at the very heart of Makati and is near the Century City Mall. Free parking for guests. Clean towels. Perfect bed and pillows and comforter. And it’s super affordable. Value for money at it’s finest.
On the Down Side: The pool was too cold when we visited. Even the kiddie pool was freezing. No bath mat. We were charged because of a missing beer. Although we didn't drink any. Our bad because we I noticed that it didn't match the count on the list but I didn't report it right away. Hehe! They don't have this big name in front of the hotel. We we're kinda lost at first.

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