Wakeboarding at Republ1c

I’m kinda eager to share with you guys my wakeboarding stint at Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali!

As usual, I told myself and everyone that I’m only joining to take pictures. I won’t for the love of God try it out. Being the ultimate lampa that I am, I think I’m already doing lots of sporty stuff lately. Quota na ko kumbaga.

But then, I just found myself signing the waivers and paying for an 8-hour pass to wakeboard. Keri na kung di ako marunong lumangoy at madalas akong madapa kahit sa flat na sahig. Kainggit naman kasi sina Ate at Kuya oh!


How was it?! IT WAS FUN! I’m gonna do it again and I promise myself I wont stop until I can move to the Pro ring. See the above picture?! I wanna be like them. A couple more tries I guess and I’ll be good. :) Naks!

Though wakeboarding is sooo much more difficult than  surfing. :( After 2 hours of surfing, I was able to atleast stand and enjoy it. But wakeboarding?! Oh God! Maghapon na pero kinakaladkad padin ako nung rope! Kalurks!

See the three pictures on the first row below?!
(1) I’m sitting merrily waiting for the rope.
(2) Holding tightly on the rope while waiting for it to gain speed.
(3) Rope gained speed, I fell off my wakeboard and then you’ll see me swimming back to shore. 

Story of my wakeboarding life. Hahahaha…

Although on the succeeding pictures you’ll notice that I can at least go a little far before leaving my wake board behind. The Kuya’s teaching us we’re actually teasing me by counting the number of trees that I can reach. They have 5 coconut trees lined up on the side. The farthest I reached was the 4th tree. Pwede na! :) Lampa naman ako eh. And it’s 30KPH! The rope would drag you on a 30Kph speed!! Ang hirap ahhh!


Even G.p find it difficult. And she was able to surf on her first try in Baler. Though I guess the fact that we’re being dragged was the reason behind it. Sakit sa braso in fairness! But G.p was also able to at least go a little far. Maybe we really need to go back! Aherm!


The only person who actually looks good wakeboarding is Kenjie. He’s a newbie in the company and has been wakeboarding for 3years! He’s actually good. He’s already doing some stunts though he’ll usually go back to us with a bleeding nose. Hahahaha.. I guess I need to ask for a couple more tips from him. Since I’m planning to take wakeboarding seriously. Naks! Joke lang syempre! But it’s really frustrating! I swear! Not being able to stand up after a whole day of doing it. Arrgghhh…


The Kuya’s teaching us makes it look so easy though. Here they are doing some demo. And God! They are good. Clap! Clap! They did some stunts also. Plus, they are very nice. Not to mention very patient with us. And so much funny. We actually had a great time.

how to demo

8hour pass in Republ1c costs Php995 per pax plus Php800 deposit if you’ll borrow vests and helmets from them. Though the Php800 is refundable once you return the vest and helmet in mint condition. It’s kinda expensive but well, it was fun. Republ1c is still on the works though. You’ll see that they are still building loads of stuff around. I bet it’ll look sooo good once its finish. Though I hope they won’t increase their rates.

But for sure, me and my travel buddies would definitely go back! With a vengeance I must say! :)


R3pubL1c Wakepark
West Diversity Blvd Nuvali,
Calamba, Laguna
4027 Philippines
(+632) 8640402
Websiter: http://republ1cwakepark.com/

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