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Since I am such an efficient blogger, and I am so much up to date with my blogging… let me continue with my Cebu-Bohol vacay blog post. Vacay happened last October by the way. And so what if it’s 6 months ago?!!

Anyway, our good friends Randy and Dey joined G.p and I for our Bohol trip. Our ferry from Cebu arrived Bohol at around 8AM while our friend’s arrival time is around 10:30AM. We have a good 2 and a half hours so we decided to grab some brekky at BQ Mall’s Cup of Jo after our driver (c/o of Kuya Tatsky) dropped us off. We also roamed around Tagbilaran City proper and found Bohol National Museum, St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral, a park right in front of the church and some old buildings. Bohol is such a quiet place. Less vehicles, less pollution. It was fun walking around the area where you don’t really have to worry. Very bakasyonista ang peg namin ni G.p but so what?! Sayang lang I was not able to enter the cathedral coz I’m wearing short shorts.


We contacted our driver to pick up G.p and I from the Mall then we headed to the airport for Randy and Dey. ‘Twas a relief that their flight didn’t got delayed (like ours) and they were on time. And so, our journey begins!

I love that photo above. One of my friends (not sure who) wants to take a picture of the church while inside the van. She got my reflection on the window. Ang drama!
Our first destination is the Baclayon Church. It’s one of Bohol’s old church and it is indeed magnificent. 2 walls of the church shows a Mother Mary figure and a Father Pio figure. The locals didn’t know how it turned out that way but I guess it’s one of the wonders of the church. We were not able to enter the church proper because a mass is currently being conducted although we were able to visit the room where old religious items are displayed like statues and the likes. Our guide/driver is urging us to visit the museum but we declined. Our stomachs are already grumbling and we can’t wait to grab our lunch by the river.


After the church, we went River watching and ate at the buffet at the Loboc River. This experience is one of the best I ever had so I think it deserves an entire post. So more of that later.

We then headed to the Tarsier Conservatory to visit that one thing most of my friends wanted as pasalubong. I swear! When people heard I’m off to Bohol, all of them are like “Pasalubong ha! Tarsier lang.” Kaloka! Wala ng ibang joke? hahahaha… Though I must say ang konti nalang nila. I was thinking of seeing like loads of them in the area. I really hope they wont go extinct. They are sooo cute. Truly a treasure.

tarsier conservagtory

We then headed to the Butterfly Conservation Center and got greeted by a cute Tarsier mascot. Initially, I thought it’s a statue. So ako kati-katerang nagpapicture. And then, the statue moved. As in yung gulat ko feeling ko nadamay si kuyang mascot. Kaloka sya! I was so takot na after that. The guys there are telling me to take a picture but I super refuse. I hate that mascot I wanna punch him honestly. But then, when all my gulat subside, nagpa-picture na din ako.

I love butterflies. So seeing a gay butterfly and a pair of them mating is one of the memorable things I experienced there. And oh! The yummy Avocado ice cream is a must try. I tell you!

butterfly conservation center

Then we went to the world famous Chocolate Hills. What can I say?!! I am SPEECHLESS! I swear. It’s nature at its finest. It’s so gorgeous up there. I mean having to climb that hundreds of steps is soooo worth it. No need to say more. Just look at how gorgeous they are!

chocolate hills

Then we passed by the Ship House. It was featured in Rated K if I'm not mistaken. I can’t believe it’s an actual house really! But our guide says the owner really lives there. We didn’t try to enter though. We just had some pictures taken outside and tried a couple of jump shots.


Our next destination is the Hanging Bridge, where you can get the best deals in terms of pasalubong accdg to our driver. And I guess he’s right. Their t-shirts and other stuffs are much much cheaper. I have fear of heights but I enjoyed Bohol’s Hanging Bridge. Must be because all my friends seemed to enjoy themselves as well. O ayaw ko lang ipahalata ang takot ko?!


Next is the Man Made Forest. It was kinda dark when we arrived there so excuse the very “twilight”-y peg of the photos. Our guide says that so many years ago, people decided to plant some trees in the area thus it was called a Man Made Forest. But I must say that people in Bohol really know how to take care of their land. Look at how clean Loboc river is? And then this. I hope they can continue loving mother earth even if tourist are bustling in the area.


Our last destination is Kanga! I know that the actual tourist attraction is the giant snake but the gay caretaker Kanga is sooo much more interesting! S/he speaks in 20 plus languages and s/he’s very funny! I swear. So you guys, visit Kanga if ever you drop by Bohol. Your tourist guide would definitely know her.


That concludes our Bohol Country Side tour. Our guide then helped us find our “temporary home” One 4 da Road so we can relax for another awesome day in Bohol!

We contacted Kuya Tatsky for our guide and car. He also helped us find a boat for our Island Hopping Tour. He’s your all around “Bohol Tour Guide” I tell you. His drivers are very nice and extremely friendly. So if you’re a budget traveller like me, contact Kuya Tatsky for your next Bohol trip. He would surely know how to help you!

Kuya Tatsky
Bohol, Philippines

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