Adventure and Fun at CAMP N (Nuvali)

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Last week, my little family and I was invited by our friends from CAMP N Nuvali for their Media Launch. I said yes right away after seeing what CAMP N is all about.

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You see, before I got pregnant, I’m an adventure junkie. Me and my officemate friends would usually go on a trip to try different adventures. We did wakeboarding, surfing, white water rafting, ziplining, rappelling, water obstacles, wall climbing and a lot more. Crazy, crazy fun!

Our team buildings are also usually filled with buwis-buhay, nginig-tuhod stunts like mud crawl, aerial walks, mind games and endless running.

I think the millennials are like that. We’re on an era where fun means testing our endurance, our strength, our stamina and our brains.

And that’s exactly what CAMP N has to offer. CAMP N is Nuvali’s latest summer attraction - a premier outdoor adventure and team-building hub.

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Camp N houses the following thrill-based and skills-based facilities..

The Adventure Tower

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This is where you can find the biggest roller-coaster zipline in Asia. It is also where you can do free-fall, wall-climbing, and rappelling. I did try the roller-coaster zipline and it was beyond awesome!!! Ang saya saya promise. Buhay na buhay ang dugo ko. I swear. The ReigningTatay was able to record it for me, watch it.

Oh diba?? Kumusta naman ang tili ni ate? Tanggal tutuli nilang lahat eh. Hahahahaha! I was shouting my heart out the entire time because it was oh soooo fun. I really miss doing things like that. I miss the fun. The adventure. I already told my adventure buddies about my Camp N experience and we are already brewing an adventure-filled day. I was able to tag along the #FabSkye on this media launch so I guess I can tag her along too. Yey! My adventure-filled life with a toddler is about to begin.

Rope Courses

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The high and low rope courses is another fun and tiring activity. I did the Cargo Net climb then rappelling. It was scorching hot that day but it was really super fun. Just make sure you wear a sunscreen and you favorite sunnies.

The thing about Camp N is that they are very particular with the safety of their customers. There are a lot of capable, well-trained and friendly staff manning each and every activity area. They all use high-grade, super high quality, and world-class harness, ropes and materials.

As I’ve said, I tried a bunch of these things in the past and I can say that their safety gears are all top-notch. Kita nyo naman, naka-cross feet pa ako and peace sign while rappelling. Talagang safe na safe ang feeling ko.

Aerial Walk

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This is probably the most challenging activity in Camp N. Aerial is composed of a series of several rope-based challenges. You really need your endurance, stamina and loads and loads of strength. Oh and a whole lot of brain cells. It’s definitely not easy. But I guess the thing is you have to think about your next move. Create a plan before climbing on to the next challenge. Calculate your move so you could preserve your strength or probably work on your strengths. I swear. This one is not easy, but it is super challenging and fun. Plus mega “achieve” talaga pag natapos mo.

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When: 02 April 2016
Where: Camp N, Nuvali
What: White Top: Mango | Black Tube Top: Random | Leggings: from Quiapo | Running Shoes: Sketchers | Lipstick: Maybelline Matte in Coral

Before climbing on the ropes, the super nice people of Camp N would strap you on to your safety harness and give you lessons on safety and on how to use your safety gears. I suggest you wear something comfy and tight if you plan to come to Camp N. Work out clothes would be perfect. I wore my running shoes, a pair of leggings and a tube top under my breezy sleeveless top. I also wore my long hair in a tight pony tail and removed all my jewelleries. I’m adventure ready!

Obstacle Course

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We were not able to try the obstacle courses but I was able to see a couple of their set up and I can say that they sure looked like it’s so much. I can’t wait to organize our next team building sesh here. It looks tiring but really fun.

Anyway, they have a camp site on the area where you and your friends can camp. How’s that for an adventure?


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Me and the ReigningTatay are not new to archery. We’ve already tried it before and had fun doing so. So when we saw that they have a set up for an archery area, we made sure to try it. As usual, mas magaling ako kay Tatay. Hahahaha! Maning mani.

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All in all we had soooo much fun. My little family and I enjoyed the Nuvali breeze and had an adventure-filled day. We were also spoiled rotten by the Nuvali people. We have a shuttle service to and from Nuvali. We were served with delicious food from Friday’s. And of course, we were given the opportunity to be one of the first to try out CAMP N.

So thank you, thank you so much Camp N!

Here are some more photos from the event..

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We did some stretching just before heading out to the adventure.

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Camp N managers gave us some talks about Camp N and gave us basic safety tips. Safety first!

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The media was also given an opportunity to ask questions about Camp N.

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On April 16, Camp N will kick off the first leg of the AXN Ultimate Thrill 2016. And after that event, Camp N will be open to the public.

To get to Camp N, just enter the Nuvali the proper and ask the guards. Yeps. Just ask the guards. ;-) We all know that Nuvali is a huge place, but they have ample signs within the area so you won’t get lost.

Here's an infographic about some of the stuff you need to know about Camp N. Enjoy! And hope to see you there soon.

What adventure are you excited about in Camp N? Let me know!!!

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