Our Kodanda Archery Range Experience

The ReigningTatay and I tried out Archery for the very first time and we loved it!

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Our friends from Kodanda Archery Range invited me and ReigningTatay to try them out and we’re so glad we did!!

You see, ever since the baby was born, we never really had time together. Just the two of us. Usually, we’d have family dates coz both of us are hands-on parents. We both want to tag along the baby at all times. But because an archery range is not exactly the best place for a toddler, we had no choice but to leave her. And to be honest, we both loved it. We loved the alone time. We had fun at Kodanda Archery Range. And we definitely recommend it to all couples out there. If you guys are tired of your usual date routines, why not try Archery?!

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Archery, though it seems easy, is actually physically demanding and is a rewarding sport. Perfect workout! Both of us had sore arms and legs the next day! Pasensya naman, pareho kaming tulog na ang taba eh. :) So I highly recommend you do the usual stretching routines before proceeding with archery. Wag gumaya sa amin.

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I’ve heard a lot of other archery range out there but I highly recomment Kodanda Archery Range. Kodanda is located at the Makati Cinema Square. It is fully air-conditioned (some are open-air) and is open to the public (some require club membership). Really perfect for dates or barkada/family bonding. They are very much affordable too.

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For 550php plus 30php for target paper, you can already enjoy one hour of archery and be Katniss for a day. Equipment rental is included on the 550php so you won’t have to worry or pay extra. They even have instructors there so you won’t be clueless on what to do. Actually, I love their instructors. Super nice and super hands on. As in our instructor would give us tips from time to time. She’d correct our form and tell us if we are doing something wrong. I really appreciate it. Kasi naman, some establishments have instructors nga pero they’d only tell you how to start doing it tapos wala na. Parang tamad na tamad diba? But not in Kodanda. They are all so nice and friendly. Willing pa si ate mag-picture. :)

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While we’re there, we saw a young girl practicing archery. Ang galing nung bata! Hindi ko ni-picture kasi bata pa. Baka mayari ako sa parents. But I swear. Ang ganda pala tingnan pag yung anak mo may sport na ganun. Very unique. I want the #FabSkye to try archery too. And is hoping that she’d love the sport. Lumalaban daw talaga yung bata sa inter-school competition kaya ganun kagaling. And Kodanda usually caters to those kids who wants to practice archery. Galing!

And Kodanda Archery Rage also holds Fun Shoot Competition almost every month. Fun! Sabi ni Tatay we’d join next time. As if naman!

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They also offer archery lessons for those who want to actually be a pro. It’s 6000Php for 10 sessions, one hour per session. And students will be issued a Certificate of Completion. Fees already include the use of the archery range, rental of international-standard equipment and protective gear, and target paper. Plus you’ll have a dedicated coaching on basic or advanced archery from one of their expert instructors. Not bad diba?

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So are you intrigued? I know you are! And para mang inggit pa lalo, check out our video! Pasensya na po, it is my lame attempt at creating a video. So yeah. Medyo mukhang tanga. #pagbigyannyona

And the ReigningTatay and I are planning to do another date here. Ang saya kasi! And oh! My friends are so inggit already, so yeah! Kodanda is part of our next barkada get away. Fun eh!

Kodanda Archery Range X ReigningStill

Kodanda Archery Range
Upper Basement of Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo), Makati City

Contact Numbers: (02)621.9109 and (0932)843.6614
E-mail Address: kodandaarchery@gmail.com
Facebook Page: Kodanda Archery Range
Instagram: @kodanda_archery 

Website: http://kodandaarchery.wix.com/range

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