The Little Girl, The Big School and This Millennial Mum

Hello, fellow mumshies! How are you all doing? It's a Friday and my to do list is overflowing but my brain is not functioning well so I decided to take a break and blog!

Yah, know! Sometimes you just really have to take a breather para pagbalik mo sa work, you are all energized and happy! Like this little girl!

Hahaha! Gusto nyo yun? Nai-connect ko diba? Cheret!

Anyway, I'm here to chicka what's been keeping us busy these past few days (aside from work!). 

So last week, my daughter started attending a Summer Academic Camp (a.k.a. Summer Class) on her future school. The one I chicka about where we did trial classes last February.

Actually after that trial class nakapag-decide na ko na dun na sya. First, because it's so near our place. And it's an International School so go na! Plus yun nga, I saw how they really discipline the kids and teach life lessons more than anything else. So many many yey!

But most of all, the little girl loved it there! She loves her teachers. Her classroom. The guards. Her classmates! Lahat mahal nya! Pag napapadaan kami dun sa school na yun she would always say na yun ang "Big School" nya and that she'll go there because she miss her teachers! Nakakatuwa.

It only shows that my daughter had a positive experience on the school. Which is really very important for me.

I am really a firm believer of the importance of good, quality basic education. Because I personally experience it. Dyan kasi namo-mold ang mga bata. Dyan nafo-form ang study habits. You really have to build a good foundation. So in all honesty, kiber ako sa presyo ng school basta sigurado ako na maganda.

That's also why I really pushed for home schooling. She didn't attend a toddler school or play school because we home school. I let her attend the Baranggay Day Care Center when she's around 2 years  old but it's all just for socialization. And then she stopped going there after 5 months. She also started attending Eye Level classes on weekends for almost a year last year as supplementary to our homeschooling kasi nga di ko maturuan ng letters!! Naloloka ako! It turned out to be a good decision because she mastered the letters and learned loads from her beloved Teacher May that we miss so much already.

I'd probably share with you some tips and tricks on how to homeschool your toddler on a separate post but for now, you can visit my homeschooler friend's blog The Filipino Homeschooler. Dami mo matututunan dyan. My friend Que, of Life of Que, has been successfully homeschooling her son Gab and she's one of my inspirations talaga kaya I pushed for homeschooling my daughter. Ang talino ni Kuya Gab and very mabait and kind. Obvious how well behaved he is. Gusto ko ng ganun!

I pushed for homeschooling so I would know what type of learner my daughter is. What are the things she loves. What are the areas she's struggling at. And so we could correct it or adjust as needed. Homeschooling her also helped me in deciding the type of school na dapat ko syang ipasok.

I am really taking this parenting seriously! Obvious naman diba? I guess most millennial mum nowadays is like that already! And that's why I wanna use this blog to serve as a mini-guide to other millennial mums. Mga praning. Mga gustong matuto. Yung mga di pwedeng hindi naiintindihan ang bawat aspeto ng pagiging ina. I know that you understand me. Of course, I won't call myself a parenting expert coz duh! I'm not. And as a millennial mother, accepted ko na yun baksh! Kasama yan sa pagiging "woke" ko as a mother. But still, I wanna share what I learned and my experiences just in case it'll help you. Coz I also learned a lot from the experiences of other mothers out there. Like my other mom blogger friends. That's also why I try to read a lot. So I could compare notes, learn from their mistakes, and learn from their experiences.

Honestly, looking for the #FabSkye's big school is really difficult. I've been calling and inquiring since mga around 2 years old ang bagets. Yes! Ganun katagal. I wanna make sure I understand the different types of schools, I weigh the pros and cons, I consider a lot of things because finally deciding because school yan eh! Alam natin how important education is.

I'll share a loooooot of things sa inyo mga mumshie about this whole finding school chenes ko real soon because ang hirap talaga eh! Hahahaha! Ayoko kayo masyado mahirapan mga baksh! Cheret!

Oh ayan! Back to work muna ako!

For now, look at my little girl's arte pose! Ewan ko saan nagmana mga baksh!

Top: SM Kids Fashion | Bottoms: F&X (size 12 months so dating pants, tokong na ngayon) | Slides: Florsheim Kids

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