#GabMazing is One!

Unlike Ate #FabSkye, I wasn't able to share as much about the #GabMazing here on the blog. Partly because I am super busy with work, and the major reason is because I just lost my blogging mojo. Yeah, PPD happened and took all my will power to write. So this little corner was left abandoned.

But this major milestone of the #GabMazing can't be left out.

Because my only son, just turned ONE!

My little ball of energy. My goofy koochie. My asim boy.

He is one! Walking. Talking. Running. And here I am with my arthritis (nah! just painful joints hahaha!), running after this little ball of energy. I'm just so glad that we have his Mumma Rachel and Lola Dedet who helps me take care of this goof ball.

And because I wasn't able to share his monthly milestones here, let's just do a photo roll shall we?

Newborn #GabMazing is just so gwapo no? The moment I saw him, the first thing that came to my mind really is ang gwapo nya. Thankfully not pango like Ate. Hahaha! He looks exactly like my brother. 

He also managed to make sure that I realize instantly that he is not gonna be an easy baby like his  Ate. He was crying, wanting to be carried the entire night on his first day in the world.

By one month, he is just a major headache. I could barely sleep because he is very iyakin. By this time, I already understand what they kept on saying that the 2nd child is usually the most difficult. Hahahaha!

And by this time, my PPD is already kicking in. There are a lot of times when I would end up on the floor crying my heart out to my then 5 year old child who would console me lovingly. I am just so tired with all the endless sleepless nights.

But I also remember wanting to smell all of his baby scent because I know in my heart that he is gonna be my last. This is going to be the last time that I'll be able to carry a newborn. So I would inhale all the newborness.

Now looking back, I hate PPD even more.

He is starting to look more like his Wowo. Hahaha! In this picture, he looks exactly like my father. And people would always say how this little boy is my carbon copy.

He is my little me.

I think my experience with my second child is extra special because we went thru a lot. The 3 of us. His Ate, him and me. We fought thru this difficult phase and we end up loving each other more.

I remember still struggling with having 2 kids at this stage. And his Ate just seem to get sickly too. I am at my wits end, definitely.

While I remember the dark days, I also remember his little giggles. The way he would smile at me if he wants dede. I remember his chubby pata. I remember his newborn breath. I remember cuddling him at night as I watch K-dramas. I remember my excitement on the first time he was able to roll over. I remember constantly telling myself that oh boy this is how it feels like to have a son.

I also remember the time where he first showed signs of being an Ate's boy. He loves his Ate so much that the first thing he would look for the moment he wakes up in the morning is his Ate's hair. As in he would try to kick and kick and kick until he reached his Ate's lump of messy hair and would pull it. The #FabSkye would of course cry but well, it really warms my heart every time I would see him pinning over his Ate like her number one fan.

He is getting bigger and bigger. Chubbier and bulkier at four months. It is also the time when I went back to work. I remember being so confident on our breastfeeding journey because I managed to fill our freezer with so much milk stash during my 4 months maternity leave only to find myself struggling to keep up with his demand.

In less than a month he managed to gulp down 3/4 of my stash and would still drink so much milk in the evening. My little milk monster!

At this point I am already questioning my ability to breastfeed him. Hahaha! I am struggling with my supply because this little dude sure knows how to gulp down all his milk. By this time, my stash is gone and we are on isang kahig, isang tuka.

But he is more malikot. And I realized that he is really a ball of energy. It seems like he has an endless supply of energy. We are already trying to prepare for his 1st solid food and he would keep on munching everything he got his hands on.

Six months mean solid food. I found out that he hates banana. Unless it's his banana flavored biscuit. He also started using a walker. He is much more talkative too. He outgrows all of his clothes and is using clothes for the 18 month old babies. He is also much more gwapo. Like seriously, look at that face!

Dressing him up in porma clothes are much more exciting now. Though he hates socks and shoes. Hahaha! There is also no way I could carry him outside without his carrier. Like I just can't. He is too heavy and too likot. He loves going out. Riding the broom broom (our car and tricycle). He also loves his Papa Intian and Mama Tetet (my cousins) so much. He would always ask his Papa Intian to bring him down to our condo's parking lot so they could look at all the cars.

By this time, our house is already a mess because he would crawl crawl and crawl.

Our little happiness is going to the mall or the groceries as a family. He loooooooves car rides. Like seriously!

He is also very matakaw. He prefers rice though. And for some weird reason, we can't do baby led weaning on him. He just doesn't want to. He also started a routine where his mornings would always have to be spent with his Mumma Tetet. A routine he would still follow up to this day. He has to sleep with his Mum every morning or he'll end up grumpy the entire day.

He is starting to walk at this stage. He loves walking on the parking lot every afternoon. He is also very bugnutin.

At this point, his love for his Ate is very evident. Like if he saw or hear his Ate cry, he would go to her and hug and kiss her. He would never leave his Ate's side until the Ate stops crying. That's how much he adores his Ate. Which he still do until now. You would see in his eyes how much he loves his Ate especially when his Ate cries. Like really, you can't get him out of his Ate's side. He has to wipe down the tears or give his Ate sloppy kisses or he'll kick you.

He would also always imitate his Ate. Play on the same toys. Follow her Ate around. Bite his Ate's pwet pwet. Hahaha!

This is also the time when he started showing his love for Cocomelon. Like seriously! When you call him Jayjay, he would respond! Silly boy!

My darling's first Christmas. I was initially thinking of doing it low key. No Christmas tree, no decors. I told myself that we could live without it since we are still transitioning. I mean, it's gonna be our first Christmas at our new home. Budget-wise, we are a little tight. But well, I just find myself buying new sofa, new Christmas Tree, Christmas lights, even curtains!!

And to be honest, it is all worth it. Seeing the smile on my kid's face just made it all worth it!

Here he is wearing his polo. It was supposedly his Christmas porma but I think we didn't got out of the house on Christmas day because we are all tamad.

This goof ball has started wreaking havoc on the house too. Crawling. Making a mess. Trying to walk on his own.

He is also starting to show his kapilyuhan. Like seriously, very pilyo. Just look at that smile.

Having a son is just so amazing. It is indeed a totally new experience. It is true that every child is unique. You will have different experiences.

I had an easy child with the #FabSkye, while the #GabMazing is a handful. But while his Ate is more sakitin, this bubba is more tough. Probably because I am less maselan sa kanya. Or probably because he is already a handful. Sa likot ba naman nya jusqu baka mabaliw na ko pag sakitin pa! I don't know! Hahaha!

Anyway, happy happy happy birthday to my little #GabMazing. You are my answered prayer. Your Tatay's dream come true. And your Ate's knight in shining armour and protector. You complete our family. You complete me, my darling. You are worth all the sleepless nights. You are worth all the painful nipples. You make all the hardships worth it. And thank you anak, thank you for holding my hand when I was in the dark. Thank you for guiding me into the light. Thank you for being my reason for living. You and Ate are so precious to me. I hope I could raise you well.

You are loved my darling. And I will make sure to surround you with more love.

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