Our San Lazaro Animal Bite Center Experience and What To Do When Your Child Is Bitten By a Dog

This is going to be a long post so grab your popcorn mga besh. But I swear I'll make sure it'll be worth your time. Also, sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Ninja moves lang lahat yan kasi di ko sure if pwede mag picture picture. Hihihi!

Anyway, Skye was scratched by her puppy Emmo on the 26th of November last year. She was scratched on the ear and our puppy is not yet vaccinated so I'm kinda worried. Just kinda worried and not OA worried because I know that the dog is clean and has very low probability of being rabid. But as a mum, dun tayo sa safe lagi.

So we went to a couple of private hospitals in our area but all of them don't have the anti-rabies vaccine and we were referred to San Lazaro Hospital. See, I'm not really a fan of government hospitals. Last na punta ko ata sa public hospital eh Ospital ng Maynila when my lola died several years ago. Honestly speaking, I know that anti-rabies vaccine is kinda expensive and I'm not sure if covered sya ng healthcard pag ang nakakagat is pet mo pero willing to pay ako because nga I know how difficult it is to go to public hospitals here in the Philippines. Pero waley! So San Lazaro it is. And I'm so glad we went to San Lazaro instead. I'll tell you why later.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (14)

We we're advised by the our pedia to go directly to the Emergency Room that same day because my daughter's case is a Category 3. So ano ba ang categories na yan? Nagtanong ako and eto sya:

Category 1: Nadilaan ng rabid dog or cat or any animal. Or exposure sa tao with rabies. This case, wash with soap and water lang ang nadilaan na area and no need for vaccine.

Category 2: Minor scratches. Minor abrasions. Or yung nadilaan ng rabid animal on an open skin. In this case you should immediately wash it with soap and water and then go to San Lazaro OPD (Out-Patient Department) Animal Bite Center for vaccination. They are open 8AM-3PM Monday-Friday and 8AM-11AM on Saturdays.

Category 3: All category 2 pero neck and up is considered category 3 na. Also, yung mga major bite na nagdugo ng bongga or talagang pinagkakagat ka ng dog. Exposure to bats is also category 3. This one, pwede ka ng pumunta ng Emergency because it should be treated agad agad.

So since sa ears ang minor scratch ng bagets, category 3 kami. ER it is.

Emergency Room Process of San Lazaro

1. Upon entering the gate, we were asked by the guard kung san kami. We told him about what happened and then tinuro na kami sa ER triage nila. We were given parking pass din pala and face masks for each of us.

2. We went to the triage area of the ER. The nurses asked us what happened. We had to fill out some forms and we were instructed to go to the cashier and pay 50Php for our animal bite card.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (2)

3. After paying, we were given the animal bite card which we filled out and then we gave the card to the triage again.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (5)

4. We then proceeded to the waiting area outside of the ER. The waiting area is medyo malamok especially at night so bring mosquito repellents. It's also a bit hot kasi walang AC since sa labas nga lang sya. Make sure that you and your child wear your masks kasi di mo alam ang mga sakit ng mga tao sa area. So thankful ako that San Lazaro provided face masks for us.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (4)

5. Then my daughter's name was called by the guard after a couple of minutes. We then proceeded to the ER so my daughter could be checked by the doctor. Same drill. We were asked what happened. They checked on the wound (it doesn't need cleaning since it's just a minor scratch). And filled out some more forms.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (7)

6. Since my daughter has a slight fever that time (totally unrelated to the bite, she was actually nursing a cough that time), she had to take paracetamol to manage the fever.

7. Also since my daughter has tetanus shot already, she was given PVRV shot right away. So side note, tell them if your child has updated tetanus shot or DPT. If not naman updated you need to buy tetanus vaccine on the pharmacy or outside if it's not available on the hospital pharmacy. Tetanus costs more than a thousand pesos if I'm not mistaken.

8. We were also asked by the doctor to look for a "kahati" of the PVRV vaccine para daw libre. If not, we need to pay 800Php or something. No worries naman in finding a kahati because madaming dog bite cases sa ER nila. Also, the guard would assist you. Sya yung sisigaw ng "oh yung naghahanap ng kahati dyan".

9. Once you find a partner, both of you should go to the pharmacy and ask for meds. You need to pay 20Php each for the syringe. Then go back to the ER and have them administer the PVRV vaccine.

10. After PVRV, they'll do a skin test for ERIG shot. Thing is, this ERIG is not available on the pharmacy so we had to buy it outside. It cost 1,300Php. After 30 min, if no rashes appear on the skin test, then you could get inside the ER again and have the nurse administer the ERIG vaccine. 

And we're done! The vaccine card would be sent home to you with the schedules of the next shots. Those are to be administered on the OPD department na. Do not miss the dates because if you do, start from scratch kayo. Pangit yun!

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (13)

Out-Patient Department Animal Bite Treatment Center

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (10)
Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (9)

On the 29th, we went back to San Lazaro for the #FabSkye's 2nd vaccine. We arrived at around 6:30AM. We gave our vaccine card to the triage and then we we're given a number. I really suggest you arrive early because the area could really get crowded. On the #FabSkye's 3rd shot, we arrived late (around 7:30 already) and our number is 106 already!

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (1)
Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (11)

So at around 8AM they would start calling out numbers. They'd give you your card on that table 2 entrance and then you'd proceed to the table inside. They would then give you the reseta of the vaccine that you need. Once you have it, go back to the guard near the triage area to wait for your partner. Or look for a partner right away.

Then go to the cashier to pay for your syringe (8php) and then at the pharmacy for the vaccines.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (12)

After that, go back to the Table 2 (or sometimes it's on the window near the guard) to get your forms. After getting your forms, get inside again, look for the tables that says vaccine administration area and then leave your forms on the little wooden tray with numbers on the table.

Wait for your name to be called and then they would administer the vaccine and then you're done!

Yes, that easy! The 3 succeeding visits, we only paid 8php for the syringe. Wala na.

The process is very efficient. If nalito kayo sa kwento ko, you can read the guidelines on the OPD section. Meron silang nakapaskil dun. All the tables are labelled. Basa basa lang talaga

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San Lazaro Hospital - Feedback

I noticed that while it's very obvious that it's a public hospital because the area is old and the equipment are limited, it is very clean and efficient. Sobrang layo sa experience ko several years ago. And malayo sa ini-expect ko. I swear, nagbaon ako ng madaming pasensya that time pero di ko nagamit.

The nurses and the guards are all nice and helpful. Even the doctors at the ER. Lahat sila okay. The nurses na nagshot kay Skye, very patient pa. We kept on telling Skye na the shots are her powers, game na game din ang mga nurses sa pang uuto sa bata.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (6)

Although sad na obvious how limited the budget is. Ang dilim on the area. The ER is not air-conditioned. Kaya we had to bring the #FabSkye sa car para di mainitan during our stint at the ER kasi nga nilalagnat. Plus very obvious na kulang na kulang sila sa tao. Kawawa din talaga.

Anti-Rabies-San-Lazaro (3)

The restroom is dirty during our ER visit. The #FabSkye's schedule kasi for pooping is at night. So when we went inside the restroom, napangiwi talaga ang bagets. And she pooped so fast. As in pagbaba ng shorts, iri tapos sigaw na ng done. Maya maya poop daw sya ulit Same drill. Upo, iri, done na daw!

But when we went to the restroom naman in the morning, mas okay ang CR. I mean, di sya kasing baho when we went there at night. So I guess nililinis naman.

Major improvement na yan for me talaga pero sana mas mabigyan ng maayos na service ang mga Pinoy.

My San Lazaro experience gave me hope na may pag asa pa! Sana other public hospitals are as efficient as San Lazaro.

San Lazaro OPD Animal Bite Center Schedule:
Monday-Friday - 8AM - 3PM
Saturday - 8AM - 11AM
(02) 732 3777


  1. Thank you for this!! Super helpful <3

  2. Thank u for sharing ur experience. Very helpful :)

  3. Thank u for sharing ur experience. Very helpful :)

  4. thanks for sharing dahil dito may idea nako on what to do pag pnta bukas

  5. Magkano po babayaran lahat for 3 shots of vaccine?

    1. Wala. Tig 8 pesos lang for each syringe. Yun lang.

  6. Hi po, ask ko lng ilang millimeter ang required na syringe :) thank yoi for the helpful post po

    1. Ay di ko sure. Kasi after magbigay ng reseta, you'd go na sa cashier to pay for the 8Php na syringe and then bibigay sayo yung gamot with syringe na. Maliit lang sya. But dun na sa kanila galing.

  7. Are they open on holidays? I tried calling but no one is answering

  8. Magkano po lahat binayaran niyo? I am on category 2 and needed pa po ba yung may binayaran kayong ERIG shot na 1,300?

    1. I'm not really sure. Best po to go to San Lazaro nalang or call them.

  9. San lazaro pb is private mgkno p anti rabies vaccine scratch po un s ank q pero as a mom.gusto q safe xa at sure n ligtas xa my wounds kc un start ng bite

    1. Public po ang San Lazaro. Lahat po ng details nasa post na po, pakibasa nalang po. Andyan din po magkano lahat ng binayaran ko.


    1. Best po to call San Lazaro or go there.

  11. Magkano po lahat gagastusin at ilang shot needed ? salamat

    1. Confirm nalang po sa San Lazaro. Baka iba iba din po kasi.

  12. Saan nyo po nabili yung erig vaccine? Meron po ba sa tabi ng San Lazaro?

    1. Yes. Sa pharmacy near the hospital, may ERIG vaccine.

  13. hi ask lang po ung 2,3,4 vaccine how much po binayaran niyo ? as in syringe lang po ? kasi nung pumunta kami . sa unang shot may bianayaran pa kaming 500 so pano kaya sa pang 2,3,shot ng anti rabies ?

    1. As stated on the post, syringe nalang ang babayaran.

  14. Tanong ko lang if ever namatay yung aso at naturukan naman ang anak ko sa city hall tapos pinapapunta na kame sa san lazaro kaylangan pa ba dalhin yung aso?

    1. Pakitawagan nalang po ang San Lazaro. Nasa post ko po ang contact number nila.

  15. Hi po! Madami po kayang mabibilhan ng erig sa mga pharmacy na malapit sa sn lazaro? 7k po kase price ng erig dito sa Dasma.

    1. Yes po. Nasa post po na avail ang ERIG sa pharmacy sa labas ng San Lazaro. Nasa post din po ang presyo.


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