#FabSkye's Visit To The Salon

The #FabSkye's hair (like mine) was always cut by my Tita Malony (my gay uncle who owns a salon). But a few weeks ago, we decided to treat her to a proper salon experience just to see how she'll react to someone she's not familiar with cutting her hair. 

By the way, this is her look before visiting the salon. If you noticed, she has long bangs already. We grew out her bangs coz her Tatay don't like her full bangs look. And her hair is a bit long also as her Tatay wants her to have longer hair.

But maintaining it is super hard. Usually, she'll sport a messy hair all day unless her Ate Yssa braid it for her. Of course being a child, the nice braided hair would only last for a couple of hours.

So I stand my ground and said this girl needed a haircut pronto!

We first went to the big salon at the mall but most of them don't accept kids. Huhuhu! But I don't want to bring her to that other kiddie salon because I'm not liking the vibe.

Good thing we passed by Kaizen 10-minute Haircut! They accept all types! Men, women and kids! There's a lady who's doing another girl's hair when we entered and I kinda liked the vibe so we did it!

The #FabSkye was super behaved the entire time and she even did a vlog about it! 

So from this...

She now looks like this!!!

It's so much easier to maintain this new look because she only needs a small side clip to keep her bangs away from her face and that's it!

We opted for a layered shoulder-length cut and it looks amazing!!

Watch her vlog about it here!! I guess you'll be able to see more of her vlogs really soon! This girl loves to vlog and would ask me to video her all the time! I'll edit them and upload them on our YouTube Channel for y'all!

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