Welcome to the World, Gab!

If you've read my beautiful birthing story with my first born, you'd know that it was one hell of a ride. With a little bit of Mila Stories on the side.

This time though, with the birth of my son.. there's none of those.

You see, I know since day 1 that it's gonna be a scheduled CS delivery for me. I had a CS delivery with my first born and while it has been 5 years since I gave birth to her, and I am a good candidate for VBAC, I know that I won't take that path.

I have nothing against VBAC though. And I personally know people who were able to successfully do it. But I have consulted with my OB, I did my research, I read about it in detail and it's just that - I don't want to risk it.

For the longest time I've been contemplating on my delivery date. A lot of people suggests that since my due is also February, that I should schedule it on my daughter's bday so they'd share the same birthday. Tipid daw. Isang handa nalang. Etcetera. BUT I don't like it. My daughter has always been very excited about her birthdays. As in if she wants toys, she'd say she'd get it on her birthday. She is so excited to turn 5 years old coz it means she'll be a big girl already. She is excited for her birthday parties. So I want her to be the star of the day on her birthday and not share the limelight with her brother.

I was thinking of delaying the birth actually. Right after my daughter's birthday. But it's gonna be too risky already plus I had a difficult pregnancy this time around. So the earlier, the better for us.

And so, we decided to give birth on the 15th of February. Why 15th? Actually there's no special reason behind it. I didn't check Feng Shui or his Zodiac. It's just that I want to be able to at least be at home in time for my daughter's birthday on the 21st. And the earliest date that I could give birth na safe na si baby is on the 15th. Okay na din because sweldo nun. For sure lagi may handa si Gab. Harhar!

A week before my schedule, I already had everything in place. I have already contacted my health card provider. I have already checked the rooms available. I had a room reserved for me. My hospital bag is ready. Everything is ready to welcome my son.

Anyway, on the 15th of February 2019, I went to the hospital as early as 6AM. I went to my room, was asked to changed into my hospital gown and was asked to remove my make up. Hahahaha! I went there w/ BB cream and a little blush on + kilay but ayaw ni nurse, pinabura! Saklap. Ok na din because di naman ako nakapagpicture. Nakalimutan ni Joy iabot ang camera sa mga nurse and the student assistant who took photos with her phone forgot to share it to me. So baka andun pa sa gallery ni ate yung mga duguan kong laman loob. Nyahahaha!

Anyway, baby's out at 9AM. I was wheeled to the recovery room a little before noon where I stayed until around 2PM and then I was wheeled to my room the moment I was able to wiggle my toes.

Back at my room I just had a couple of dizziness episodes, as in nasusuka ako levels ng hilo, because of the anesthesia wearing off. I also had difficulty carrying my son because of the hilo, my carpal tunnel pains and of course my wound.

But by night time, I was able to hold my phone already, breastfeed my son and move a little.

I was also able to capture this...

The first thing I thought of when I saw my son is that - ang gwapo nya! Ang tangos ng ilong, salamat naman! Unlike with my first born, wala akong masyadong matandaan sa mga naganap when I gave birth to my son. I know I am awake pero parang high ako. I know I'm talking to my anesthesiologist but I don't remember what we talked about. Nung kay Kakay, alam ko eh. Tumatawa pa nga ako. I was really awake and alert nung kay Kakay. I was even able to feel the pressure on my tummy. But with Gab, waley.

Probably defense mechanism because I am really really afraid of giving birth again. Just thinking about the fact that they'll cut me up on the same spot where they cut me up 5 years ago give me goose bumps.

That is also why I requested for a tubal ligation already. So yes, my Gab is gonna be my bunso. I'd talk about it more on my next blog.

Anyway, so yeah! That's my son's first day in the world. With his hilo hilo Nanay who struggles with carrying hm. His lola who helped me carry him. And then later on that day, his Ate who went for a quick visit.

And then we are out of the hospital in two days. That fast! Super nagmadali talaga ako na kumilos because I wanna go home to my daughter.

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