Feeling Kitchen Diva with Purefoods Heat and Eat

You all know that the kitchen is never my forte. Sure I could cook if I really have to but I honestly don't have the patience for cooking nor (ehem!) the talent. Not to mention that as a full-time working mum, I also don't have the energy anymore. Aminin nyo mga mumsh, after a full day at work, the last thing you wanna do is get the knife and chop onions and garlic. So I usually leave the cooking to my mum, my husband or my sister.

But my mother is now old who also don't want to cook anymore, my sister is working on a BPO company so she has work on New Year's eve and my husband refused to do all the cooking alone. So for our Media Noche, kelangan ko ng mag ambag. Hindi lang ng budget but also effort. So yes! I have to cook!

Buti nalang I recently discovered Purefoods Heat and Eat Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali!

It's a family favorite. It's a must have on special occasions. Tipong hinahanap ng mga kapitbahay namin talaga. Perfect ulam and perfect pulutan for the after party.

Purefoods Heat and Eat Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata is fully cooked and ready to eat. Yay because I honestly can't tell if something is cooked already. Teehee!

Aside from that, it's so easy to prepare. You could either pan fry it or turbo. Syempre when I tried it last Noche Buena, I used the turbo. So after 10-20 minutes I already have the perfect Lechon Kawali and Crispy Pata. Sarap Lutong talaga.

Mila tried to pan fry the lechon kawali the other day as well, and she's very pleased to report that she's not covered in angry oil splash burns after. Super easy to fry daw.

Crispy Pata (900g) only cost 325Php while the Lechon Kawali (425g) only costs 230Php. Both super affordable. Each serving is good for 3-5 pax I think and is really perfect for the family.

This product is really made for the convenience seeker in all of us. Imagine naman kasi how easy it is to prepare your meals with Purefoods Heat and Eat. And I swear, ang sarap nya! Sarap Lutong talaga. Guaranteed.

For several years, my mum and my husband would try to imitate my father's crispy pata pero lagi silang failed. Dati kasi it's my father who cooks crispy pata for us. Ang sarap and ang lutong lutong talaga! But recently, he's always on duty during the festivities so my mother or my husband would cook it for us. So we've been eating either burnt pork or gummy taba.

See I know how difficult it is to prepare the perfect crispy pata and lechon kawali. Mila would always end up with oil splash burns. May technique kasi sya talaga! That's why it's really difficult to perfect that sarap lutong goodness.

So imagine how amazed my family was when I prepared the Purefoods Heat and Eat. Walang effort besh. Walang talsik. Nagawa ko pang mag make up!

Because of this, pwedeng araw araw ang Crispy Pata at Lechon Kawali sa pamilya namin. We won't have to wait for Christmas or New Year for this yummy treats. Purefoods made it easier for us and more affordable! Because with Purefoods Heat and Eat, siguradong sarap lutong! Anytime! All the time. Yey!

Purefoods Heat and Eat is available in all Monterey Meatshops and major supermarkets in Luzon. Just go to your Native Section to find this yummy goodness.

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