My Beachkin and How I Try to Make My Life Simple

I've been purging my closet since last year. I try to do a semi-Konmari of my clothes by donating or giving away those clothes that no longer spark joy or I haven't worn for more than 6 months or those that no longer fit me. Tinanggap ko na ang katotohanang malabo na kong bumalik sa pre-preggy size ko.

I'm also shifting into a "uniform" kind of look. I've started looking for that "signature look" last year by trying on different outfits. So far, I guess I now know the style and cut that actually looks good on me and my current chubby body. And I'm sticking into that.

I've also kept my clothes color to neutrals - white, black, grey, blue. These are the colors na bagay sa akin so I try to stay within that color palette.

For bags and shoes, I realized that nudes are my go to shade. So for bags, it's always tan or cream. I kept a few blues and blacks just to spice things up. For shoes it's always nude and white.

I also try to buy local brands and support mompreneurs. Like this beachkin I got from an HS schoolmate.


Diba? Pasok na pasok sa banga! Actually, they say that a beachkin is like a replica of Birkin but in jelly form. Though mabigat tong bag na to, maganda naman sya and very sturdy talaga. Pang malakasan besh! Pero bawal dalhin pag may kasamang bagets, mabigat sya talaga.

I realized that super saya mamili ng mga local brands. Most of my flats and sandals are Marikina made. My bags are almost all local as well. Mas matibay sila compared sa mga China na nabibili sa mall! And mas mura. I really suggest na you buy bags from local manufacturers. Mura na matibay pa. Yung flats ko that I got from Sole Depot, hanggang ngayon buhay pa! Kahit ipangbaha mo na and all, buhay na buhay pa. Di rin ako nanghihinayang na ipang-ragasa, mura lang kasi!

Also, keeping my shoes, bags and clothes minimal and simple makes my life a whole lot easier! Di na mahirap mag isip if bagay ba. Halos lahat ng clothes ko bagay sa isa't isa. And since I've also established a "uniform", buying clothes and wearing them is a whole lot easier.

Tama yung nababasa ko on why the legends like Mark Zuckerberg wear a "uniform". Mas madali nga sa buhay. Although di ko kaya ang grey tshirt + jeans ni pareng Mark. I still need a little bit of mix but sticking to my closet's color palette helped me loads.

Also, keeping only a few clothes has made my life easier. Dati ang dami ko talagang damit. My closet is overflowing with clothes tapos everyday, wala padin ako masuot! Now, I only have 2 medium box of clothes. As in parang equivalent lang sa 2 drawers of clothes. Kasi since I do the laundry on those DIY laundry shop na after 1 hour lang, tuyong damit na ang makukuha mo, I was able to maximize my clothes. Di na din ako nahihiya to repeat clothes. Honestly, nobody cares and my life is easier!

I promised myself no more buying of clothes hangga't puno pa yung 2 medium boxes ko. I will only buy if may space. Effective naman! Madali ang buhay, tipid pa!

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