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More than 2 years ago, I blogged about some tips on dressing up your baby. While most of the tips still apply now that I have a toddler, I think it's time to share with y'all my rules in dressing up my toddler. Plus some tips on how I was able to keep my daughter fashionable without compromising comfort and style, and most of all without breaking the bank!

Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (2)
  1. Still comfort first. Yes. Comfort still tops the list. No matter how pretty the dress is if my daughter's not comfortable in it, it's a no. Toddlers are like a snitch so they should be able to move about on their clothes. They should be able to run freely, climb, jump and be kid on the clothes they wear. If they are not comfortable on their clothes, it could also cause accidents. Ayaw natin nun.
  2. Perfect fit. Their clothes must fit perfectly. Not too tight and not too loose either. It applies on both clothes and shoes. Aminin nyo, uso yan dito sa Pinas. Parents would buy clothes and shoes that's super big on their kids para daw di agad kalakihan. Ayun! Nadapa na yung anak kasi lumilipad ang sapatos. Or mukhang timang na yung bata sa laki ng damit. Some little girls I would usually see, bibilhan ng spaghetti strap na top na super loose. Ayun, kita na boobs nung bata at nagka-pneumonia na dahil labas na labas ang likod. Wag ganun besh. Their clothes and shoes must fit perfectly. Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (5)
  3. You can get sneakers a size bigger. If there's one thing I am not afraid to splurge, it's sneakers. Aside from the fact that my daughter's feet is teeny tiny at matagal talaga sya humaba, mas nagagamit namin ang sneakers because I could buy a size or two bigger than her actual size. Most of her sneakers nagagamit nya ng more than 1 year. It all boils down talaga on the fit. Usually for sneakers, she could wear thick socks plus mas madali i-adjust yung fit. Like the converse she's wearing here, when she's smaller, we would just tie it ng mas mahigpt para fit padin sa kanya at di lumipad. We have to make sure though that she's comfy on it.
  4. Buy dresses that could be used as top. We we're able to extend her clothe's life span because most of her dresses when she's 1 year old, we're still able to use now as top. Dresses that have garterized top or those with stretchy jersey fabrics are perfect. Pair it with some leggings or shorts and you're good to go. Actually, the onesie that the #FabSkye is wearing here is old already. She had it since she's 1 and it still fits because the fabric is stretchable.
  5. Leggings or jeggings are your bestfriend. I love jeggings and leggings! Most of the jeggings and leggings that the #FabSkye had since 1 year old sya, nagagamit nya padin until now. Like her F&X jeggings (seen here and here), nagagamit padin until now. She had them for 2 years already. The jeggings are a little bit bitin now because (thank God!) she's taller now but it still fits. Actually, it's better now because the fit is perfect. 
  6. Minimum accessories. Now that she's 3, the #FabSkye could already wear some accessories. Our favorites are her little beaded bracelets and necklace. But we always keep it at minimum. She still doesn't like watches because it's little bit bulky for her and she get sweaty while wearing it so her little bracelets are perfect.
  7. Fix the hair. It is very important to always keep your toddler's hair well-groomed. No matter how pretty the clothes are, if the hair is unkempt, waley bes! The #FabSkye is sporting bangs and her hair is kept at shoulder-length so it is easier to groom. Usually she'll be in pigtails or braids to keep her hair from getting into her face. We also use cutie hair accessories but we make sure that it is still comfy. Dapat may cushion para di masakit sa ulo and the braid should not be too tight.
  8. Good hygiene. Of course, no amount of porma could compensate good hygiene. Make sure that your toddler brush their teeth, that their nails are always clean, no libag on their neck, their feet are clean and that they are wearing clean panties at all times. Also, make sure that the hair is not mabaho. And they are not sweating like a pig.
  9. Let them dress up. Let them choose their own clothes and shoes. Let them decide what to wear. You'll be amazed. There are days when my daughter would go to the mall wearing tutu skirt and rubber shoes. There are days when she'd pair pink dress and purple tights. Blue top on a pink pants and red shoes. Yes, it's crazy but it's super fun!
Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (1)

Now that my daughter is three, I seldom buy her clothes. I know! I know! I also can't believe it. I used to buy her lots of clothes. Jusko! Every weekend, we'd go home with new dresses and tops and pants. Iba pa ang online shopping dyan.

But now, I don't remember the last time I got her new clothes. The #ReigningTatay would have to beg me pa para bilhan ng new dress ang bagets. Don't get me wrong, I don't love her less. Di pa din naman kmi super naghihirap and my daughter still love clothes. But I guess I'm just more practical now. She has a cabinet-full of clothes. She has loads of dresses and tops and shorts and skirts. And since I've been very picky with the clothes I bought her when she's 1, most of them are still in good condition. The dresses are still perfect as tops. Her leggings still fit. Most of her skirt and shorts still fit coz I got those na adjustable. It also helps that my daughter is not chubby.

Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (4)

I don't believe in buying too much clothes anymore. For me and for her. As long as she has a couple of Sunday dresses and formal clothes, loads of casuals and pambahay, we're good. I'm also not afraid to repeat clothes anymore. Most of the outfit of the #FabSkye are ulit ulit nalang actually. But we do mix and match to achieve different looks. We accessorize and change her hair style from time to time to spice up her look. Madami pwede gawin to make your child look fashionable without breaking the bank. Youjust have to be a little creative.

I also love getting pre-loved clothes and cheap ones. I would buy pre-loved clothes from this mum blogger na tried and tested ko na talaga na okay ang clothes. I also found this online store that sells cheap pambahay and pajamas for girls. When I say cheap, as in 85php lang ang terno! I got her loads. So usually at home, naka-terno pambahay lang sya. The clothes are in cotton so very comfy sya.

Baby-Girl-Fashion-FabSkye (3)

Sa mahal ng school tuition fee ngayon, kelangan talaga practical ka na. I don't wanna spend on things na hindi naman kailangan. Does my daughter need 10,000 clothes? No! She doesn't! And honestly, kahit bilhan mo pa ng mahal na damit ang anak mo, if you don't know how to dress them up, waley pa din.

Kaya ama sama tayo maging wais mga inay! How about you? Do you have more tips on how to dress up your toddlers?

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