Philam Life #LiveBetter Expo

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Philam Life aims to help and empower the Filipinos to #LiveBetter.

And what better way to jumpstart our journey to complete wellness than the #LiveBetter Expo hosted by Philam Life.

They have brought together experts and partner companies that would take you on a journey of the brand's four key pillars: fitness, food, wellness and financial health.

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The #LiveBetter Expo

They are several booths on the Glorietta Activity Center and each booth has something in store for the participants.

There's a booth that checks on your BMI and body fat. There's a booth that offers free financial advise. A booth from Nestle that offers healthy recipes and an overall wellness booth like The Body Shop.

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There are also a lot of partner brands that offers GCs and discount coupons like Sketchers, Merell, and The Body Shop.

So I made sure I visit all the booths because sayang ang discounts!

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Brand Ambassadors

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Philam Life's brand ambassadors are also present on the event and shared some tips on how they were able to #LiveBetter.

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Nico Bolzico is a fitness enthusiast and the funny husband of Solenn. I love how he encouraged everyone to always have a positive outlook in life and just have fun.

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Solenn Heussaff's body is to die for! Nung lumabas sya on the stage, I swear gusto kong isuka yung sisig na kinain ko just a few minutes ago. But according to her, the body that she has now is a product of discipline and hard work.

She would really take time to exercise every single day and she is very particular with the food that they eat at home. No fried anything. Just baked or boiled. She also makes sure that she would prepare healthy food for her and her husband.

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Mond Gutierrez is really an inspiration. We saw how he struggled with his weight. But then after several months of hard work and discipline, he was able to achieve a healthier, and fit body. Sabi nga ni Solenn, if Mond could do it so can we.

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Live Better Campaign

As a mum, I've been really making an effort in making sure I live healthy. But as what Bernadette Chincuanco, Philam Life's Head of Brand and Communications, says - Filipino's are aware of the fact that it is important to live better but the problem is most of us don't know how or don't know where to start.

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With Philam Life's #LiveBetter Expo, we were given a chance to atleast jumpstart our wellness journey.

Philam Vitality

One platform provided by Philam Life to help Filipinos live healthy is the Philam Vitality app. I haven't personally tried it yet but it really looks promising. The app would let you earn points when you work out. They could track your activity, set your targets and get rewarded. All within the app. I was actually curious with this one so I'm downloading it.

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Wellness is a very important part of our lives. And I'm not just talking about being sexy or thin. But about being strong and healthy and positive.

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I am glad that there are brands like Philam Life who are committed to help us achieve wellness. Not just financially but overall wellness so we could live a happy life.

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Aminin nyo naman kasi, even if you have loads of ipon or investment, if unhealthy ka madali yan mauubos sa pagpapagamot. But being financially stable naman is important because stress could really take its toll your health.

Philam Life is right, we really have to achieve all those key pillars of wellness to make sure that we live a healthier, longer, stronger and better life.

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Find out how you could also #LiveBetter by following PhilamLifeAIA on facebook or visit or call (02) 528-2000.              

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