This is what the #FabSkye wore on the Vita Cubes Fun Day at Fun Ranch event.

vitacubes-rebisco-fun-ranch (7)

I want something comfy but I wanna make sure that she’s well-protected. Especially since I know that we’d have an unlimited access at the Playdium. I am sure that she’ll run and climb and try the slides and play with the balls and all that. I don’t want her to get scratches so I opted for this soft jeggings from F&X. I love that it’s soft and comfy, allowing her to move freely.

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And since we we’re asked to wear something white or purple, this polka dot onesie from H&M is perfect. It’s a long sleeved, cotton onesie perfect even for Philippine weather. Again, it gave my daughter the protection she needs from all the playing she did. Plus Fun Ranch’s AC are a tad bit cold. So this is a perfect choice.

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When: 02 August 2015
Where: Rebisco's Vita Cubes Fun Day at Fun Ranch
What #FabSkye Wore: White Longsleeved Onesie with Polka Dots: H&M | Jeggings: F&X | Rubber Shoes: H&M | Ribbons: Thrifted

vitacubes-rebisco-fun-ranch (12)vitacubes-rebisco-fun-ranch (8)vitacubes-rebisco-fun-ranch (10)

Gosh! I can’t believe she’s that big already. I have a little girl now. Not a baby anymore. *Sigh*

Anyway, I hope you noticed that the baby’s outfit looked so put together because all the pieces are in subtle polka dot. I love that it’s not clashing. I love polka dots on babies. They look cute. At first I was so afraid that all the polka’s are gonna clash but when the #FabSkye wore it, just awesome! Plain awesome.

I still have loads of #OOTBs here so watch out.

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