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I’m sure most of you here (if you’re from the Philippines) is familiar with Tickles! Yep, that store that sells lots of knick knacks and cutie stuff. Our official go to place if you want to buy a little something for your friends.

Nung high school kami, this is where I would usually buy gifts for my bestfriends. Lots of cute stuff from ballpens to gelpens to pillows and notebooks and mugs. Super dami talaga!

Until now, favorite place ko ang Tickles especially pag Kris Kringle at Exchange Gifts. Aside from being cute kasi, most of their stuff are really useful. I remember several years ago, I hoarded those packing cubes. I got one for my slippers, for my heels, my bra, etc. That’s what I also give to my Monito. Harhar! Oh eh di love na love nya. Paano, travel bug si loko. And packing cubes is a MUST!

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So when I was invited by our friends from Tickles to check out their latest store at SM North EDSA, I said yes immediately! I’m very sure my daughter would love it as well. Shoppingera yang batang yan eh!

Grabe, it looks like Tickles had a re-branding because the look of the store now is different and I love it. More quirky, more lights, more fun. The moment my daughter saw their store, she was super excited! She kept on gushing and woooowing the entire time we were there.

Paano ba naman ganito ang mga nakita nya

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Dabah?! We spent like 2 hours at the store just checking out everything. And also, trying to bargain with my daughter. Diosmio! Lahat nilalagay sa shopping basket nya!

I did a vlog of our shopping experience for y’all to watch.

Oh diba? I told you she was very agit and so excited to shop and shop! Lahat talaga ng andun gusto nya eh. Hahahaha! Puro, “oh my googness Nanay! This is sooooo cute!” and “I think I should have this” and “can we get it Nanay?”. Ay diosmio! Wrong moves talaga na sinama ko ang bagets. Laslas ang wallet. Buti nalang Tickles gave us shopping GC. Harhar!!

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That's her "let's bring home all the stuffed animals please" face.
She wants all the stuffed animals! But we settled for one. Watch my Tickles Haul video below and find out kung alin dyan ang napili namin i-uwi. Hindi kasi talaga pwede lahat bes. Magmumukha kaming safari! Nyahaha!

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Top: Gingersnaps | Jeans: F&X | Sneakers: Polo Ralph Lauren | Bag: Gift from Ninang Mariel
Watch my Tickles Haul video and find out what we got from Tickles. Pasensya na sa haggard face. The moment we got home, nag-shoot na ko. Wala ng freshen up kasi for sure, luray luray na yun pag pinatagal ko pa! You'll see how excited the #FabSkye is sa mga pinamili nya kaya kelangan talaga i-haul na agad agad!

So go ahead and visit a Tickles Store near you! :) You may also like their Facebook page here.

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