Camella Wants You to be RICH!

Who wants to be rich? Diosmio! I've been wishing and wishing that I'd find a money tree with literal na pera as dahon tapos tumutubo. Nyahahaha!

And these days, it's not enough to have a job. You really have to find other means of earning or else, expect a monthly bout of migraine especially once the bills arrive.

So when Camella invited me and some other bloggers on their 40th anniversary and asked us if we want to be RICH, aba! Yes na yes ang sagot ko.

What's RICH?


The RICH program is Camella's latest project. Basically, Camella wants us to Refer & Invest in Camella Homes. They want to reach as much customers as possible by having this referral program.

It also enables everyone to earn as much as 125,000php (or 2.5% of the actual cost of the house) for every successful sale. And you don't have to be a certified real estate agent or do all the site visits etc. All you have to do is refer and the Camella's sales team will do all the hard work.

So this is perfect for everyone! Even for mums like me with a gazillion tasks everyday. Kasi technically, as long as you have an account and you are a RICH member, you can refer. Just send the details of your Kaibigan, Kakilala, Kamag-anak or Katrabaho who wants to buy a house to Camella and that's it.

Once they made a reservation, you could get half of the reservation fee as commission. You'll get the rest of your 2.5% total commission once the down payment is fully paid. That easy! And yes, let me repeat, you can earn as much as 125K for a successful sale pag naibenta mo eh yung pinakamahal na house and lot ng Camella!

How To Be RICH?

Camella's RICH program has two easy steps. sobrang dali lang pwede mo i-memorize.

  1. Just fill out this form on Camella website. Or visit a Camella office near your area to be accredited.
  2. Refer, refer, refer!
Yun  na yun! Tapos na! Super easy right?

Why Camella?

I know that some of you would think that it's hard to sell a house and lot. Specially if you are not a trained real estate agent. But honestly, Camella is such a household name already.

Aminin nyo, once you heard Camella alam nyo agad that it's a house and lot developer. You would easily associate the name Manny Villar with it and that Bulilit kid and her song. Diba?


Camella is well-known in building good homes for every Filipino. And as they celebrate their 40th anniversary, they have no plans of stopping.


Camella is now located in 45 provinces and in more than 120 cities and municipalities all over the Philippines.

And they are now expanding even more by offering condominiums aside from their usual house and lot. They want to cater to more Filipinos and provide housing to everyone. Regardless of your preference and buying capacity.


Camella is also known for building not just houses but communities. The Vista Land corporation is expanding by building malls like Vista Mall with AllHome, AllDay Supermarket, AllShoppe, AllToys at lahat pa ng Alls! Hahaha! Even coffee shop meron sila!


Usually, the Vista Malls are located near their housing projects. To make it accessible. Most of their housing projects are near major roads, churches, schools.

40th Anniversary and Still Leading..


During their 40th anniversary at the Vista Mall in Taguig, led by Manny Villar, they held a nationwide simultaneous event all over the country. May pa-facebook live pa sila and they have booths within the area na pwede mo i-check.

That's also when they launched the RICH program.

After 40 years, Camella is still one of the leading house and lot developer here in the country.

And as I've said, they are not stopping. They are innovating and improving and expanding.

So guys, join na on their RICH program, just sign up here. So easy to get accredited and so easy to refer.

I already joined the RICH program actually. So baka meron dyan na balak bumili ng bahay or condo. You can check out all the Camella projects here  or their Facebook Page tapos let me know! Refer ko kayo!!!

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