Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid for the #ReigningHousehold


I have to admit, tamad akong maghugas sa bahay. There you go! Actually, I grew up not doing the task kaya siguro I never thought I’d do it. Mila would always do it for us. When I had a job, we got a helper at home who would it for us. I pay of course.

But then I became a mum. Alam mo yung feeling na, you don’t trust anybody doing things for your child? Stuff like cleaning her feeding bottles (I used to pump breast milk and  feed her thru bottle) and toys, I do it. Or if I had to make others do it, sobrang sinasabi ko sa kanila how they should do it.

Until now I am still like that. We do not have feeding bottles to clean anymore but I still buy baby bottle cleansers for my daughter’s toys that I clean every week. Never naman na naging palasubo ang #FabSkye because I train her not to, but I still wanna make sure that her toys are clean.

So when our friends from Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid sent me a couple of bottles of their products, I was so excited to try.

It’s an eco-friendly, easy to rinse, gentle on the hands dishwashing liquid. They say it’s perfect as cleansers for baby stuff too. You see, I could actually use the commercial brand in cleaning Skye’s toys and plates and utensils but I have a very sensitive skin. I swear! Using dishwashing paste and that strong dishwashing liquid would cause allergies to my hands. Nagbabalat and sometimes, it bleeds pa because of super dryness. Plus ang tapang nila. It’s very hard to rinse. Ayaw mawala ng amoy. Ayaw ng bagets nun eh.

So I really keep a bottle of baby bottle cleanser here at home and the people here use it for my daughter’s plates and utensils. Pero mahal!! Nakakahirap!

We tried Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid here at home. We replaced the ones we are using for our plates and even the special cleanser for Skye’s stuff. One cleanser nalang here at home! Yehey!

I am happy to report that this product didn’t gave me allergies and didn’t hurt my hands at all. Our helper here at home also said that it is very easy to rinse. Di nga lang daw masyado mabula but I have learned from experience na hindi bula ang batayan. Our helper loves this kasi nga gentle on the hands too.

It's very cheap as well, it only cost 32.50php for the regular bottle and 65php for the 880ml bottle. They even have a promo pack - 120php for 2 bottles of 880ml and 55php for 2 bottles of 270ml. At least now we don’t have to keep multiple products on the sink. #KonMari Char!

Go and try it out. Let me know what you think!

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