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I mentioned on this post that I got my daughter's name from the Scottish Highlands and I realized that I haven't shared with you the story behind my firstborn's name - SKYE ALESSANDRE.

When I was in HS, a teacher asked each and everyone of us to share the story behind our names. A lot are named based on the combination of their parent's name. Jadine? Kathniel? Aldub? Hahaha.. While a lot are named such because the parents have to comply with all-my-kids-name-should-start-with-a-letter-<insert letter here>. We Filipinos love that! Crazy! Mila and her siblings' name all starts with a letter M. While it's N for the boys and M for girls on my Papa's side. Pinoy na pinoy.

Anyway, I'll share first the story behind my beautiful name - CELERHINA AUBREY.

I used to hate the name Celerhina. My family call me Nene here at home but when my parents are mad, they would call me Celerhina. Plus when I was younger, I find Celerhina super oldish.

It must be because I got my name from my Papa's maternal grandmother who passed on months before I was born. Actually, my great granny's name is CELERINA - the correct spelling for my name. My Papa added H to make it really unique. But you still read my name as sel-leree-na. Minus the H. Don't worry, for years I've been reading my name se-ler-hee-na, until my father corrected me. Hahahahaha! Two of my college professors even called me on the faculty room one day only to confirm the proper pronunciation. Hahahaha! #truestory

According to google, Celerina is a Spanish name which means "quick". What a funny thing because I am far from being quick. Hahahaha! Well, my mind is quick but that's it. Everything else is slooooooww.

While AUBREY is from the song of Bread of the same title. It's my father's favorite song and so even if AUBREY is actually a boy's name, my father gave it to me. So I could be a not so ordinary girl.

I've always loved Aubrey. I find it unique and pretty and I love the song too. But now, I think I love Celerhina more than Aubrey. Because you can try and google Celerhina and you'd only find me. It's a unique name. So ang susunod na Celerhina, gaya-gaya lang sa akin. Hihihi!

Now, my name is supposed to be CELERHINA AUBREY JOY. Mila gave me the name Joy, just so she would feel like she has a contribution in naming me. But the nurse on the hospital who processed my birth certificate, thinks it's too long and opt out the Joy.

#DearNurse, where ever you are, thank you very much. Hahahaha!

I was actually supposed to be named Noemi, a combination of Noel and Mila, my parentals. But Celerhina won over Noemi because, well because you won't win over your mum or your MIL. That’s the law back then. Well, a cousin was named Noemi years after so I guess it’s all cool.

So since I have such a unique and beautiful name, I wanna make sure that I'd give a beautiful name to my child too.

Months before I got pregnant, I read Revenge Wears Prada and came across the name - SKYE. It was not the first time I heard of the name actually. One of my dream destination is the Isle of Skye in Scotland. I was fascinated by it. I find it beautiful. It's my dream to visit UK and one of my first stop is definitely the Isle of Skye. I didn't realize, however, that SKYE is actually a very nice name until I read it on Revenge Wears Prada. I researched the meaning of the name and found out that it was an English and Scottish name. Two places that's very close to my heart. Skye means "sheltering", "protection" and "adventurous". I just did my research to make sure that Skye didn't mean anything bad on any other language. (Yey! No nega meaning at all!) And so when I got pregnant (regardless of the gender), I know I'll name the baby - SKYE.

Now I was looking for the perfect 2nd name. It took us months and months before I came up with the perfect name. If you know me well, then you'll realize that my heart belong to England. And so I wanna name my daughter after Prince George. Well, his full name is George Alexander Louis. I wanna take Alexander Louis. But changed it a bit into ALESSANDRE LOUISE.

And so it's decided that my child's name would be SKYE ALESSANDRE LOUISE regardless of the gender. But then a lot of my friends told me that the name was too long. And so when I learned that I'm having a girl, I thought of naming her GABRIELLE. The real name of Coco Chanel, my long time hero. It's just fitting to name my daughter after a wonderful woman.

And so with just weeks before my due date, I still find myself contemplating between Gabrielle Skye or Skye Alessandre Louise. The #ReigningTatay wants Skye Alessandre Louise though. But I really find it too long. Alam ko ang hirap ng mahabang pangalan. Hahaha! And so my officemate and friend, Irish, suggested we just drop Louise and keep SKYE ALESSANDRE. Anyway, Louise is becoming a lot mainstream these days.

And so I named my first born, SKYE ALESSANDRE. Meaning "sheltering or protection" and "defender, warrior". Such a perfect name for my daughter. A tough name for a future wonderful woman.

How about you guys, what’s the story behind your name?

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