Review: Song Fa bak kut teh (Singapore)

 When in Singapore, you need to pay Song Fa bak kut teh a visit!

It is normal to find people lining up in front of the store.
It's not my first time in Singapore, but on my 3rd visit - I was finally able to try their world famous, Michelin Star restaurant Song Fa that offers the best bak kut teh in all of Singapore (or probably the world).

Lining up to wait for our turn while the smells of yummy bak kut teh just made us more hungry.
The plan is to have dinner here. So from our hotel, we took the train to New Bridge Road. It went a little early coz we know there'll be more people for dinner so we were shocked that a long line is already waiting for us.

Line is efficient though. We waited for probably a a good 30 minutes or so. While lined up, we were issued with this stub so were able to punch in our orders while waiting for a table to free up for us. They have mastered the process which is great.

We had a hard time choosing from their menu. All of us wants to try a little bit of everything. I dined in with 3 guys so it was worth ordering a lot.

Pork Ribs Soup (10.27 SGD)
First on our list of course is their Pork Ribs Bak Kut Teh. Generous serving of melt in your mouth pork ribs in uber yummy clear and peppery soup. Just the smell is enough to make us go hungry!

Premium Loin Rib Soup (14.10 SGD)
Of course, we tried the more premium pork parts. The Premium Loin Rib Soup is as yummy as the regular pork ribs. If you prefer pork loin meat over ribs, then this would definitely hit the right spot. I love both. So both are great for me.

Claypot Pork Tenderloin (9.90 SGD)
We also made sure to try their braised dish. This Claypot Pork Tenderloin is just perfect with a bowl of steamed rice. The meat are all tender and the dish itself is cooked with perfection. This is also one of their more popular dish as I saw several tables ordering this as well.

Seafood Pancake (8.45 SGD)
Totally forgot if this is really the Homemade Seafood Pancake but this dish definitely has some shrimp in it. This is another really good dish that made us all go loco. It comes with a special dip and I must say that this really worth trying.

Ngoh Hiang (11 SGD)
Crowd favorite though is the Homemade Ngoh Hiang. We loved it so much we had to order another one. Don't really know how to describe it but it's like embutido, chicken roll, super elevated extra delicious kakiam. Hahahaha!

Everything we had is so good no wonder it is famous. This is really a must-try restaurant in Singapore. They have several branches across the country already but we visited their first restaurant style branch.

Song Fa started as small food cart that sells bak kut teh. It is a family business using a family recipe. They have grown so much since they started in the 1960s but it is probably because while they adopt to the new trends (having multiple branches across the country), they stayed true to their root. And that is to serve the best bak kut teh.

Would definitely pay them another visit when I find myself in Singapore again.

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