#healthyonabudget with Puritan's Pride

This #Wiser2016 mum vowed to keep our household's health in tip top shape. That's financially, emotionally and physically beneficial to all of us.

And since I believe that prevention is always, always better than cure; I invest in vitamins and supplements. Yeps! I see it as an investment, definitely.

So when I heard that Puritan's Pride, one of the leading health supplements and vitamins brand in the USA, is already here in the Philippines; I know I had to check it out.

This online site is definitely a vitamins haven. They have everything. Over 100 kinds of supplements! I swear you'd definitely find what you are looking for. They have beauty, skin care and whitening bestsellers like Glutathione, Collagen, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and Zinc for Acne. They also have supplements for weight loss, heart, multivitamins, and other aspects of health.

The best part is, they are up to 35% cheaper than the leading brand. And they ship! NATIONWIDE! I told you, these online stores are every mum's best friend.

Diosmio! I don't know about you but the drug store here in our place is always packed. As in you had to shout and wiggle your way into the crowd just to get your bottle of vitamins. When I was pregnant, buying vitamins is such a chore. And that's why we are so tamad in buying vitamins, ang hirap kasi bumili. Antokwa!

Now it'll be super easy for us. Just click, click, click and wait. *happy dance*

The site is very easy to navigate too. They have information of each product on the site as well. Shopping is a whole lot easier.

They also offer different payment options. And for those of you who don't have credit card or is hesitant to shop online using your card, they have cash on delivery! Wooohoo!

Puritan's Pride is a top notch brand. Even if they are way, way cheaper; they definitely don't look cheap at all. Actually, the packaging is very nice. The supplements are in these high grade plastic bottles with easy to open, pop-up lids. And since it’s a well known brand from the US, we are assured of high quality. According to them, they only use ingredients from suppliers that meet their stringent Quality Assurance Standards and GMP food quality standards. This mum definitely approves.

So now, time to show you my Puritan's Pride haul!


  • Vitamin C for the rainy days is on top of my list. They are our best friend.
  • We also got Mila's Vitamin E cream because she's all about skincare now. She’s loving this one. We are getting more of this.
  • Then we also have our bottle of apple cider vinegar capsules because they say they do wonders. So far, they are promising. Everybody in the household is using this one.
  • And of course, Mila's (and mine's) evening primrose oil because Mila is menopausal and I'm having terrible dysmenorrhea lately.

See? They got everything covered. I had to buy my father's garlic oil capsule as well because that helped improved his BP and Puritan's Pride is so much cheaper. And for me, better. Our evening primrose is so much cheaper here in Puritan as well but they are way, way better quality-wise.

I'm just so thankful that everything now can be done online. Stores like Puritan's Pride makes my life a whole lot easier and better.

And because I love you all my #ReigningReaders, and because Purtian’s Pride loves you all too – they are giving 20% discount off your 1st purchase. Just use the code REIGNINGSTILLPP! This code is valid only until June 30, 2016 so hurry, hurry!


Here's to a healthier 2016 for all of us. And a #Wiser2016 too! Let’s all be #healthyonabudget!!

Check out Puritan’s Pride here. You may also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details.

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