Tatay and Kakay

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These two are inseparable. And they look so much alike. It’s crazy how much my daughter looks her Tatay. Minsan nai-insecure na ko. But then I’d realize na mas maganda ako sa kanila so keri na. Hahahaha!

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I really love the fact that our #ReigningTatay is very hands on. He takes care of Skye - he puts her to sleep (always to the tune of Baleleng, kaya national anthem na ng nagpapatulog ng bata ang Baleleng sa bahay na to), he washes her butt, he would feed her and would play with her.

Solid proof that our Tatay is spending much time with her daughter? Yung fact na sya ang translator ko!

I love watching my mag-ama playing and being silly together. Iba talaga ang laro ng mga Tatay no? Parang laging buwis-buhay! Kayo din ba mga mums? O asawa ko lang to? Please tell me naman na normal to. Hahahaha!

Anyway, I just wanna share with y’all the pictures of my mag-ama when we went to Nuvali last week. I had an adventure-filled day while these two played and walked and ate and just took my pictures. Ang sweet nila. Supportive sila kay Nanay.

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When: 02 April 2016 (Skye @ 25 months)
Where: Camp N, Nuvali
What #FabSkye Wore: White Sleeveless Onesie worn as top: H&M | Tribal Printed Shorts: Gingersnaps | Gray Minnie Mouse Shirt (worn at that last picture with Tatay): Uniqlo | Pink Sneakers: Polo Ralph Lauren | White Beaded Bracelet: from Ate Valerie | Necklace (St. Benedict & Virgin of Guadalupe): from Nanay | Black Sunnies: Rayban | Wine Sunnies: Sunnies | Green Hat: from US

Grabe na sa laki ang anak ko!! Anyareh nga ulet? Nalingat lang ako, may dalagita na ko. Huhuhuhuhu!

But I actually love being with her now. Mas makulit na kasi sya. May say na din sya sa outfit nya at sa mga bagay bagay. May attitude na din. And so far, she’s making me proud. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam seeing your child grow to be the person you wish her to be. Not like me. But a much, much better version of me.

She may look like her Tatay but she is very me. Her attitude. Her taray. Her arte. Her brains. All me!
Right now, her favorite apps on her iPad is YouTube, iFlix Kids and SnapChat! I swear, she snapchats all the time. Magugulat nalang ako may update sya na puro noo lang. O kaya ilong. Hahahaha! But her snapchat ID is secret lang guys ah. Sorry.

I have loads of updates pa about the #FabSkye pero on her neXT #OOTB post nalang. Wala sa hulog ang lola nyo.


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