Today, My Daughter Said “I Love You!”

Earlier today (around 7PM’ish), I was on my iPad while the #FabSkye’s playing around the room. Doing her usual toddler thing which is run, climb, jump – you know the drill. And then she suddenly went to me and whispered something like “byooh byooh”.

Okay, I will admit that I am not really very good at understanding my own daughter. You see, we are raising a bilingual child. I never wanted an ingliserang bata. I want a Filipino kid who could understand and speak English. And so Skye speaks on both English and Filipino. Usually, she’ll choose which is easier to pronounce or which is more used in the household. So I find it kinda difficult to understand her. Iniisip ko pa kasi kung Tagalog ba sinasabi nya o English eh. Tapos bulol pa. Kumusta naman?

Her Tatay though is very good with it. So he’s our official interpreter.

Anyway, back to my kwento. I initially didn’t understand what she meant so I was asking her what is it she’s telling Nanay. She smiled (the shy-type kind of smile) and whispered “byooh byooh” again. Okay. She was whispering the words which actually didn’t help at all. So while I was trying to figure out what she meant, by saying words that rhymed with "byoooh byoooh", I would ask her to repeat it.

So she was like “No! Byooh Byooh!”, with a huge smile on her face. I find it interesting coz this kid has a short temper (ehem!). She would usually get frustrated if I can’t understand what she’s saying right away. But this time it was different. She was still smiling even if it’s taking me some time to figure out what she meant.

Until it dawned on me… “I love you?”. She smiled and nods and hugs me big time.

I swear, a tear fell right away. My daughter said she loves me! And she said it like she means it. Like she understands what it meant. She said it with a huge smile on her face and she patiently waits until her crazy mum get what she meant.

My daughter loves me. She loves me! And I swear I never felt this much kilig my entire life.

My daughter loves me. She loves me! And I feel so blessed to have a daughter like her.

My daughter loves me. She loves me! And suddenly, everything, as in everything in the world seems right.

Grabe yung saya ng puso ko. I hugged her and said I love you back. And she was happy and giddy and glad that her mum loves her back.

And well, then she wee wee on the floor and then poops (we are potty training) and everything is back to normal. Me – washing butts; and her – playing and getting messy. Life is back to normal.

But still, I will never ever forget this day. And I don’t want to, so I blogged about it right away. Because I’ve never felt this glad to be loved by someone. Sure ako na kahit mag I love you sa akin si Carlo Aquino bukas, hindi nun matutumbasan ang ngayon.

Anak, I love you too. Always, always remember that because that love will never change. Ever.

And so I’m ending this post with some #OOTB shots of the #FabSkye (hanep ako sumegwey no?). She wore it for our graduation celebratory dinner last Wednesday.

Grabe ang laki na nya. Ang laki laki mo na anak. And I’m sooo proud of you.

guess-kids-tutu-baby-girl-fashion-OOTB-ReigningStill-FabSkye (5)guess-kids-tutu-baby-girl-fashion-OOTB-ReigningStill-FabSkye (2)

She was initially crying because she wants to run inside the restaurant. But I told her we should take our OOTDs first.

guess-kids-tutu-baby-girl-fashion-OOTB-ReigningStill-FabSkye (3)

And so she posed and showed her Sophia The First inspired princess outfit. She’s the one who picked this dress. She said she looks like a princess and wants to wear it. She actually wore it to bed that day. Bawal hubarin. Kaloka!

guess-kids-tutu-baby-girl-fashion-OOTB-ReigningStill-FabSkye (4)

And then she pose some more when I told her the pictures are for the blog. My daughter understands the word blog to mean pictures and “do not disturb Nanay”.

guess-kids-tutu-baby-girl-fashion-OOTB-ReigningStill-FabSkye (1)

This little snitch makes me so proud every day. Alam mo madami akong maling nagagawa sa buhay ko but every day, this child would always remind me that I am a wonderful human being because I am raising her well. She is not perfect. But she is every thing I ever hope for and more.

When: 23rd March 2016 (Skye @ 25months)
Where: Tatay’s Graduation Celebratory Dinner, Kuya J’s Restaurant SM Manila
What: Top (worn as dress): Baby Guess | Tights: Darlington | Shoes: Suki Kids | Necklace: Chain from SteelWorks, St. Benedict medallion from Wowo, Guadalupe Medallion from Paco Church | Hair by Tita Nanny

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