Surfing Stint at Baler, Aurora

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This is what greeted us the moment we hit Baler. :) Beautiful beach. Scary Nice waves. Partially developed resorts. It reminds me so much of my Bolinao visit where you can still see a lot of areas that are still being developed into resorts. That structure you see above is actually the Aliya Surf Beach Resort. Its our first option for accommodation but their customer service is so poor. I’m so glad we went for AMCO Beach Resort. They are cheaper and though not beach front, they are just one tumbling and a split away from the beach. And very close to Aliya where we went to surf. Aliya offers surfing board rentals plus instructor or surf guide for Php300 per hour. I think we did haggle because there are 13 of us. I totes can’t remember how much we got it. May be around Php250.


*Drumroll please* That’s me surfing!!!!! :) Yay! Can you believe it? I did surf! I did surf! I surfed! Hahahahaha! :) Okay okay. By now you probably get it and knew how awesome I felt. Hey! Look look! I am standing on the board as I surf. Yiheeee… Just telling! @_@


More photos of me surfing. Just in case you think it’s chamba that I was able to stand up on the first photo and also to show you how difficult it is! Lakas makalunod at buwis buhay sa pag-balance. Not to mention that it’ll give you the most horrible body ache you’ll ever experience on your entire life. But all of it is so worth it. The feeling of waiting for the waves and then trying to stand up as the waves push your board to the shore is waaaaayyy beyond cool! \m/ We did surfing twice. Our first day was the most memorable because we did it on the afternoon where the waves are much stronger. Quality wave!!! Stronger and higher and more powerful! Ang sarap!!!


The most common question I hear from people who learned that I tried surfing was if it’s easy. Well, I could tell its much easier to surf than to wakeboard. Atleast I was able to properly surf on my first day of surfing. Remember my wakeboarding experience? Ugh! I can’t even stand!!


Another common question is that how I was able to surf when they knew very well I can’t swim? Well, you don’t need to know how to swim to surf. We are just a couple of meters away from the shore. That’s the best thing about Baler, the waves are so strong you can surf even if you’re just on the shore. Plus we got an instructor. No worries really. And if ever you fell of the board and the water is still high, just wait for a couple of seconds because the waves will pull the water and you. Just wait until you reach the shore.


So is the board safe? What if I hit my head on the board when I fall? That’s also one of my dilemmas but apparently, the boards for beginners like us are soft. They are made of i-don’t-actually-know-what material that makes it sturdy and safe. The instructors told us all about it but I can’t remember already. Hahahaha!


Ang magagandang tanawin sa Baler! Oo! Kasama sina kuya at ate sa magagandang tanawin. There are loads of gorgeous people in Baler. Apprently, pre-requisite ang hot body sa surfing. Hahahaha! Ayun! Medyo “hot” palang naman kasi ako kaya nasa beginners palang ako. Baler, see you once I got my flat stomach. Gotta go! Off to the gym now. Kidding!


That’s us! We surfed in the morning on our second day. The waves are much weaker though. But if you are super scared of the waves, I suggest you try surfing in the morning. Mas keri kasi sya! And as I mentioned, we surfed in the afternoon on our first day. The waves are so strong. Later you’ll see how big the waves are. They say that we are on the part of Baler where the waves are much weaker and is perfect for beginners. They have bigger waves on other parts of Baler. Most of surfing enthusiast (foreigners mostly) visit that part of Baler.


Strong waves behind me! After our first surfing lesson, we played with the waves. It was so fun! We’d chase the waves and drink a gallon of salt water in return but I don’t care. Alam mo yung feeling ng naglalaro sa ulan? Feeling ko parang ganun din sya! I never played in the rain as a kid so I wouldn’t know but I think they are the same. I’m so so so happy as we were chasing the waves! I feel like a kid.


All of the pictures above are taken on our first day! Told you the waves are strong and big. But were playing like street kids! Ang saya saya! :) The feeling of the strong waves hitting your face or body is so awesome. I miss Baler so much. I really do!


That’s my friend Cor doing her “jump shot”. Nyahahaha! She said she won’t surf on our second day and would just take pictures but she got inggit so she tried. We actually share one board. Us three shared one board. Feeling ko bawal yun but they allowed us.


I recommend you guys try surfing as well. The road to Baler may not be an easy one but totally worth it! I hope I can visit Siargao next. They say surfing in Siargao is also cool! Can’t wait!

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