Ocean Adventure: African Acrobats Balancing Act (Subic)


Hello dear readers! :) How are you? Sorry for the week-long blogging hiatus right there! I’m so busy with work and working out and all the deliverables that by the time I reach home, I am too tired to even lift a finger. Well, I’m back now kaya wag na kayong magtampo. Naks!


Anyway, you know that I kicked off March and summer by a company outing in Subic (for my Subic fashion posts, see here and here). One of the things we did there is a stint at the Ocean Adventure. I haven’t been at the Ocean Adventure ever! I don’t know why because I was able to visit Subic loads of times already. So when an Ocean Adventure pass was offered to us by the company for free, I made sure I go!


I had real fun in Ocean Adventure even if we only got to visit 3 out of all the many exciting things they offer – the African Acrobats, the Dolphin Show and the Aquarium. They still have loads of other things to do and explore but my friends and I are all itching to hit the beach so after the Dolphin Show (which I made sure we catch), we went back to Camayan.


I was supposed to do a single post for my Ocean Adventure but I think each act deserves a separate a post. Ang dami kasing picture! Overwhelming pag pinagsama-sama.

I know I’d love the dolphin show because I am nuts with dolphins but the African Acrobats surely catch my breath away. I enjoyed every minute of it! And I guess our bosses also enjoyed because they invited them on our evening program.


I tried to catch how great they are via these pictures but surely they aren’t enough. You have to see them live and in action to truly appreciate them. I am with my gym buddies when I went and watch and we are all awed with their strength and endurance and balance and stamina. All of those we are trying so hard to attain by spending hours at the gym. My gym coach even joked that he’ll inquire on an acrobat training. Kasi ang lakas nga naman ni Lebron! We call the biggest and beefiest guy – Lebron. Hindi ko din alam bakit Lebron basta ganun tawag nya. @_@ But imagine? Kayang buhatin ni Lebron yung 5 other guys. And he can still smile while doing so. And they all have great flats abs! And when asked how they achieved it, they said its natural. Ano daw???!! Unfair!!


The Balancing Act show is not all about the African Acrobats, they have a mascot that danced and did some funny antics. But aside from that, I believe it’s a great show for the kids to watch because they teach a great lesson about loving mother earth and not adding to the pollution that our world is suffering. May moral lesson na, may makapigil-hiningang acrobat pa! Perfect for the family. :) And the Africans are real funny!


If you are planning on a Summer trip, please make sure you visit the Ocean Adventure. :) Specially if you are with family and you have kids. They would surely enjoy every minute there. And check out the schedules so you won’t miss the African Acrobats. Magagaling sila promise. And they said na they do it daw sa kalsada lang nung nasa Africa pa sila. They do it because it’s a passion for them. And now they are one of the best. Lakas makasaya nyan promise!

By the way, if you want to check out all of my Ocean Adventure or Subic posts, just click on the tag at the end of this post. It will re-direct you to posts about that specific tag. :)

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