Review: Sabangan Beach Resort (Laiya, Batangas)

The #PamilyaBalina went to Laiya, Batangas for our company summer outing. We we're checked in at the Sabangan Beach Resort Narra Room and since I am pretty sure that a lot of you mumsh out there are looking for a place to bring your family for a summer escapade, let me share with you our family's experience.

Sabangan Beach Resort's Narra Room that could accommodate up to 4 Pax
The Narra Room is a single detached room with a little balcony and its own toilet and bath. It can comfortably accommodate up to 4 pax. I love the set-up of it being a detached room because it gives more privacy to the occupants.

The balcony has a seating area perfect for your morning coffee or evening wine bonding with your family and friends. There's a little sink as well so you can rinse your sandy clothes before putting it on the mini clothes rack that is also provided. These little things surely made our stay more comfortable. If you are a mom with little kids, these are the things you would appreciate the most.

There are 2 queen beds perfect for our little family. The two kids share one bed while the #ReigningTatay and I share the other. The beds are comfortable and really soft. Our family prefer soft beds over firm ones, so please take that into consideration.

One thing to note is the lack of comforters. There are flat sheets but that's not enough especially at night when the AC are on full blast. Plus, I LOVE comforters. So it's a small luxury I missed during my stay.

A TV is also provided and a mini ref. Lacking is a wardrobe cabinet but there's a luggage stand on the corner we were able to use. But since we have loads of things (since I have kids), we find the lack of cabinets a minor issue. Organization is non-existent. But I guess for an overnight stay that's okay.

The toilet and bath is spacious. Again, perfect for my little family coz we have enough room to move about.

I have some issues though with the toilet. First, there's a stinky smell that's always coming out from the drains. Second, the bidet's water pressure is extremely strong! No way to adjust. We were shocked when we first used it. Third, I don't know why but every time we use the faucets, parang laging may pasabog. As in all faucets are like that. Hahahahaha! You'll get used to it but it's funny and noisy.

The entire resort though is well-kept. It is clean. There are several hammocks in the area and I had fun just lying on the hammock while the kids are playing in the mini playground.

There's also a small pool with kiddie section and adult section. It was right at the back of our room so we just used the back door to access it.

The pavilion is just in front of our room as well. Very accessible since all our meals are served at the pavilion.

The food in Sabangan are okay. We loved the breakfast buffet the most and I especially love their coffee. The staff could probably be trained some more to smile but they are polite anyway.

Sabangan is right in front of the beach so the kids also had fun playing on the sand and swimming. Overall, we had a fun and relaxing experience. Highly recommended to families who are looking for a place to stay in Laiya, Batangas. Plus points because the resort is pet-friendly! I would love to go back with our fur babies next time.

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