Ocean Adventure: The Dolphin Show (Subic)


Ocean Adventure has always been popular because of their dolphin show. And being the biggest self-proclaimed dolphin lover that I am, I got real so excited with this show. And boy! Ocean Adventure sure made me a happy, giddy girl that afternoon.


After the Balancing Act Show of the African Acrobats, we went straight to the Dolphin show area. Just watching the dolphins play and swim is such a fun thing to see. But watching them do all those tricks is just beyond awesome! I’m sure the kids and kids at heart would love this show a lot.


The great thing about Ocean Adventure is that they promote love for our mother earth and all its inhabitant. They promote love for the dolphins and has always made it clear that we must respect and take care of them. See? See? These shows are the ones that your kids must watch! I swear!


That girl’s job is awesome! I wanna swap jobs with her. Playing with the dolphins as a job? Are you kidding?! :) They must be stress-free all year round. I want that!


Sorry for being such a cam-whore! I even have it on video so I could watch it on my lonely days. Have I told you that the happiest I ever felt was that day in Bohol where I watched pod of dolphins swim their hearts out on a very early morning? I used to tell myself that I don’t want to watch dolphin shows because seeing them on pools would just break my heart but seeing how great Ocean Adventure people are with them and how well taken cared of they are, just gave me peace of mind.

This is another experience I won’t soon forget. I had a great time watching great shows and being with great people.

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