Staycation: Hotel at Green Sun (Makati)

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A couple of months ago (okay fine! Last February!), our little family had a short but sweet stint at Green Sun Hotel in Makati.

We scored some vouchers and it was a perfect timing because I also have an event at Green Sun that day. Oh diba? Perfect na perfect! We just have to go down to the events area of Green Sun, no need to worry about traffic and all. Plus it was a party that I expect to end a little late.

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We got a deluxe room that’s perfect for our little family. We we’re greeted by this King-sized bed the moment we enter.

My daughter is a huge fan of hotel staycations. She loves them white sheets. And Green Sun’s bed didn’t disappoint. The sheets are clean and they smell oh-so-good. The pillows are super comfy and the comforter’s too soft. Sarap matulog talaga.

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On one side of the room is this simple study area. I was able to blog a little on this corner and I used this as my vanity table too as I prepare for my event downstairs. I honestly love the minimalist style of the furniture and the fact that electric outlets are conveniently located across the room.

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On the other side of the room is this mural and another comfy chair. We all love that wall. I was thinking of having one on our future home. Lakas maka-relax eh. And that side lamp is too cute. I swear, the entire room is tastefully designed.

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On a corner, in front of our bathroom, is this small cabinet. Actually, I’m digging this smaller cabinet. Some hotels kasi have super huge cabinets eh overnight lang naman. They just have a couple of hangers and a security safe. Just what we need. This one is perfect for our clothes and our other stuff.

The other side of the cabinet is where our mini fridge is plus the complimentary bottled water and coffee station. Just the basics actually.

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The bathroom is small but I love how it was designed. Ang linis and they were able to really maximize the small area. So even if it was small, it didn’t feel like it. Parang everything was well thought off. Ganda talaga.

There’s hot water so I’m happy but they missed the bidet. Eh wala din tabo. Hahahaha! Para-paraan nalang. But aside from the missing bidet, everything is perfect.

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Green Sun Hotel is conveniently located at the heart of Makati. I guess they really cater to businessmen who’s in the area. They don’t have a pool and some other recreational amenities but it’s okay. We are not really in the mood to swim that day. We all just want to stay in bed and watch TV and sleep and eat. Plus, as I’ve mentioned, we’re there for the event happening just downstairs.

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I guess that’s another plus point of Green Sun. Their events place is kinda sikat these days. Ang dami kong blog events na dun ang venue. Probaby because it’s huge and accessible. So it’ll make sense to just get a room if you have an event there. Their rates are super affordable anyway.

I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of our breakfast but our voucher comes with free plated breakfast for two. I had tapa ata and the baby got some pancakes. I can’t remember if my husband got daing or tapa too. But I remember that their coffee is really delicious. Perfection! And the food is really good and affordable (we had the #FabSkye’s food as additionals).

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But more than anything, it was their stellar service that really got me in love with Green Sun.

Our check in was hassle-free. We just called in days before for reservation, arrived at the hotel and gave voucher. Then we we’re escorted to our room right away.

The front desk people answered my seemingly endless questions with smile and they assisted us through and through. I also left my camera’s battery charger on the hotel (yeah! yeah! momnesia) and I got it all in one piece. They even helped us get a cab when we need it. Stellar service, I tell you!

Overall, we really had a grand time at Green Sun Hotel. We all had a relaxing stay and we can’t wait to go back. Really.

And by the way, we also did loads of photoshoots dun sa magandang wall. Hihihi!

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Look at our Tatay! Relax na relax oh!

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I tried to take an #OOTD shot kaso singit ng singit ang bagets. Ermergerd!

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So ang ending kasama nalang sya. Nahiya naman ako eh.

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Tapos ang gusto nya palang talaga eh mag #OOTB sya. Very good ang #FabSkye. Makaarte wagas!

There you go! If you are looking for a place to stay in Makati, I highly recommend Green Sun. Clean rooms, perfect location and super nice staff.

The use of this 360° virtual tour of The Hotel at Green Sun in Makati is authorized by Traveloka.

When: Feruary 27 2016 (Skye @ 24 Months)
Where: Green Sun Hotel Makati
What #FabSkye Wore: Onesie (worn as top): H&M | Shorts: Gingersnaps
What #ReigningStill Wore: Romper: H&M | Shoes: Shoebox

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