Review: Club Balai Isabel (Talisay, Batangas)


Spent our company summer outing in this paradise last year. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the place and of course, everybody who watched that Kristine Hermosa-Oyo Sotto wedding would understand why I got so excited upon hearing that we’ll spend a day there.

Top: Tiangge | Denim Shorts: Random | Slip-ons: Bench | Hat: from Cor | Sunnies: Ray-ban | Belt bag: Blue Magic
Should have spent 2 days there but we left at the crack of dawn the next day for Ilocos with this bunch. So yeah! Here’s another super duper late post. Hahahaha!

Our first day was spent for games and a mini program which I hosted. We came ahead of everybody because we car pooled to the venue since we need to leave very early the next day. And being the early bird gave me the chance to camwhore! Plus Balai is really picture worthy. So yeah, expect a flood of Club Balai Isabel photos…

I find this picture very dramatic!

The gorgeous pool. Club Balai Isabel has three pools as far as I know. Above is the big one. We had our games and mini program there. It was so refreshing since we have the pool and waters and the Taal as backdrop.

We also had our lunch on the pool area. If there’s one thing I really hate about Club Balai is their service. Super poor service I must say. We had 2 buffet tables placed on both sides of the pool. But then we experienced food shortage! According to them they swapped the lunch headcount with the dinner headcount or something. In short, konti ng na-serve na food! It was after a very tiring games that we had so imagine our dismay.


It should have been a bit better if they served great food but sad to say the food was poor. And there are loads of insects on the area. The fruits are not fresh and the dishes are really something you won’t like. My taste buds are not pihikan like my bestfriend’s so when I say hindi masarap, I mean not really edible bilang nasasarapan na ko sa mga Binagoongan sa mga karinderia sa kanto. Badtrip lang talaga yung food I swear!


Another issue we had is that hiatus with our accommodation. We had to wait for a couple of hours before we could settle into our rooms. Though I must say that the long wait for the rooms are worth it! We stayed on a room good for 4-6 pax with its own mini kitchen and clean comfortable beds. Bottled waters and utensils are provided. The room is not super spacious but not really cramped as well. A closet with hangers are also provided plus we had a mini veranda where we hang our wet clothes. The bathroom is also clean and equipped with basic toiletries and towels. Though I was not able to have a sound sleep while there (because my friends are all getting drunk outside), it was still comfortable.


There’s church inside Club Balai but I was appalled by the fact that they asked us to put our bags and other stuff for safe keeping. I don’t know what happened to the supposed hall or huge room that we are going to use as bag store room. But asking us to put our things on a church is kinda annoying. I am Catholic and I find it disrespectful. Thank God my things are on my friend’s car. I would really rather leave my bags on the pool side than put it on the church!

The gorgeous Taal Volcano. One of Club Balai’s highlights.


I saw three pools on Club Balai Isabel. We decided to take our night dip on the smallest pool because it’s the most secluded. We had the pool all to ourselves!! And we’re all girls so took off our cover ups and just enjoyed the night. It was fun just being carefree and it was a perfect way to end such a long, tiring day!


My verdict? Club Balai Isabel is undeniably beautiful. The location perfect as they have a very clear view of the Taal. The accommodations are good and comfortable and spacious. They have a lot of things to offer actually. BUT they’re poor service is what sticks to me. I mean, no matter how beautiful the place is, if I received mediocre or poor service then I’m sorry but I wont ever go back. And most of all, please feed me properly and you are guaranteed with atleast 3stars!


  1. Christine Joie RelevanteMarch 05, 2013

    agree girl! super bagsak ang food! as in!

  2. reigningstillMarch 06, 2013

    Super bagsak talaga!! Grabe yung hindi masarap kay Je baka pumasa pa sken eh. Kaso sken palang bagsak na sya. Tilapia na nga lang hindi pa maayos. Kalurks!! Sana this year better.


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