Art in Island Interactive Museum (Cubao)

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September last year (oo! Last year pa to. Hahahah! Over mega late post, bakit ba?), the #FabSkye and I got invited by our friends from Jolly Cow for a mum and kids day out. Yeps. It was an entire day of bonding and fun for us mums and our kids.

Our day started out with a tour at Art in Island in Cubao, followed by sumptuous lunch and an Inside Out movie date. It was such a jam-packed day but it was one helluva fun. It was also just me and the #FabSkye so it was extra tiring for us.

Although I must admit that I treasure moments like this because I got to bond with my child. Iba pa din kasi yung kami lang. Now that she’s a bit bigger, mas nag eenjoy na ko kasama sya. Kahit na mas malikot. Mas madami na kasing alam. Madaldal na and all. Seeing our photos here made me want to go back. For sure she’d be able to appreciate it more now.

We love Art in Island. It was so much fun posing and all. Mej mahirap lang because I have a toddler who’s not much into posing that time. Mas mahilig pa sya tumakbo ng age na yan. But now, for sure, she’ll be extra game to pose. So babalik talaga kami! Soon. And this time with our Tatay. Yihee!

It’ll be a photo heavy post. So bear with us! And enjoy!

Grabe ang liit pa ni Skye dito. Huhuhuh! Anyare na sa baby ko? Big girl na ngayon.

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