A Beautiful Birth

If you do follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you are probably aware that I have already given birth to my most precious baby girl – SKYE ALESSANDRE.

It was a Friday, February 21. I woke up not really feeling well, but I’m not really feeling well the past days anyway because of the Braxton Hicks so I thought it’ll be just another day waiting for  my Skye. I am even doing micro-blogging that week, since I can’t actually blog, to document my journey as I wait for the arrival of my princess. Akala ko kasi matagal tagal na paghihintay. Kaso #Day5 palang ako lumabas na anak ko. Hihihihi..

Anyway, I was scheduled to have an NST (Non-Stress Test) that day followed by another OB visit because of the Braxton Hicks. But that Friday morning, I found a big lump of the mucus plug on my undies. Gee! Bloody show! Though I’m still calm as ever. I read on What To Expect When You’re Expecting that sometimes, you lose the mucus plug weeks before giving birth and since I’m not feeling any contractions, kalmado lang ako.

My day went on as usual. I texted my OB (she told me to keep her updated so I told her I found something on my undies). I called my OB’s secretary to confirm my NST sched. I had puto’t dinuguan for brekky. I even went to Goldilocks with the companion to buy puto to get my daily dose of “lakad-lakad”.

My NST schedule is 1PM, so at around 11AM, I took a shower. That’s when I felt warm water gushing down my legs. Parang wiwi. Pero di naman ako naiihi. I hurriedly went out of the bathroom. Ni hindi na nga ako nakapagsabon ng maayos.

But the water’s still gushing out of me. So that’s when it hit me. My water bag broke! I woke up my sister who called Mila and they were all panicking. Ako, kalmado padin. Naks! I took out my phone and texted my OB. Kaso mo, last message nya sken is may ooperahan lang daw sya sandali. So patay! Malamang di nya agad mababasa na pumutok na panubigan ko. So I decided to just go to the hospital. I got my “going to the hospital” outfit (oo! may ganun!). Put pads on my undies. Got my underpads (for the car!) and waited for The Companion.

Of course may comedy pading ganap si Mila…

Mila: Ayan na nga ba sinasabi ko sayo! Pumutok na panubigan mo. Sabi kasi sayo dapat nung Lunes ka pa nagpunta ng ospital.
Me: Friday na ngayon Ma! Ngayon lang pumutok panubigan ko. Anong gagawin ko sa ospital nung Lunes? Mag aantay pumutok panubigan? Tska papunta na talaga ako ngayon ng ospital. Na-text ko na OB ko.
Mila: Naku Joy (The Companion’s real name)! Dalian mo na tumawag ka na ng taxi.
Me: Ma! May kotse kaya tayo. Bakit tatawag ng taxi?
Mila: Eh may tuktuk nga yung kotse tska wala Papa mo.
Me: Hello?! ang dami dami dyan pwede mag drive.
Mila: Naku! Ipatawag mo na yung ambulansya nyo Joy. Dun mo na to isakay. Dalian nyo.

And the sad part is, The Companion’s actually out to get the ambulance. Kaloka diba?! Tarantang taranta din ang loko.

My sister, who’s brain is not scattered, managed to call my Uncle who drove us to the hospital. We went straight to the ER. The Companion’s still in shock and panicking because he can’t properly answer the questions of the nurses. Promise! Ako pa talaga nagsabi na “My water bag broke, I have a doctor here – Dra. Ranola. She’s already informed that I’m on my way here.”. Tsaka lang kami nagkaintindihan na manganganak na ko at yung putlang putlang mama na kasama ko na may dalang green na maleta eh ang Tatay ng anak ko na papalabas na. Hahahahaha!

I was wheeled to the Delivery Room. The resident OB did an internal exam to check on my cervix dilation. I am 1cm dilated with a confirmed ruptured water bag. Nasa isip ko nun, takte! May mali! Ruptured water bag tapos 1cm dilated lang?!

The resident OB told me that they really need to closely monitor my condition. I was not allowed to stand up or even sit. I need to lay flat on my back to avoid draining my amniotic fluid and have dry labor. I was brought to the labor room where a machine was attached to my belly. They were monitoring my contractions (NONE by that time) and my baby’s fetal heartbeat (which is good). They were getting in touch with my OB who’s attending another patient by then. They put dextrose on me and after a couple of minutes I was given something to help with the contractions. Pampahilab.
I was on labor for 9hours. Enduring the pain and trying to calm myself. I keep on saying “Mind over Matter” over and over again. Companions are not allowed inside the Labor Room so I am basically alone. But well, I didn’t really feel alone because 2 resident OBs are constantly with me. They were monitoring the contractions and the fetal heartbeat. In fairness sa ManilaMed, I was well taken cared of.

I’m not sure what time my OB arrived but the moment she got in, she took charge of everything. Actually, she’s been giving instructions to the resident OB the entire time she’s not yet with me. Again, I felt so thankful for having a doctor who really took care of me.

Sabi nila, bilib daw sila sa akin coz I am taking the labor pains well. I promised myself I won’t go all gaga and howl in pain. I’ll try to keep calm and be as elegant as I can be. In fairness, it works. I am even making chicka. I was telling the resident OB everything about Daniel Padilla and Got To Believe. Hahahahaha!

After 9hours of labor, 4cm dilated lang ako and about 70% effaced. My OB told me na maliit daw sipit sipitan ko and that the baby won’t be able to come out naturally. We waited for 9hours coz I have a tiny baby daw and they were thinking na baka kayanin ko sya ilabas if only my cervix would open up a bit more. Kaso waley! And I’m still losing my amniotic fluid so my OB told me that she need to cut me up. Bikini style nalang daw para di halata! Hahahahaha! Aware kasi si OB sa aking kaartehan. Kaya ayun, nag decide na sya na Bikini style ako.

At 9PM, I was brought to the Operating Room. Honestly, I don’t feel anything. Hindi ako kinakabahan. Hindi ako natatakot. All I know is I feel so thirsty and hungry and exhausted. And I am praying that my baby and I will be safe. I think a major factor of why I am not afraid is that I trust my doctor so much. I know she’s good. And I know I am on safe hands.

Kita mo naman, nagawa ko pang ngumiti. And nagawa ko pang ipakuha yung camera ko. Hahahahahaha!! Kaso hindi ako kasing ganda ni Rica Peralejo nung nanganak. So sorry for my siopao face. I wasn’t able to fix my hair and put BB cream on before going to the hospital. Kasi nung kinuha ko yung blower at plantsa at make up kit ko, minura ako ni Mila ng bonggang-bongga!

Anyway, I am awake the entire procedure. My anesthesiologist is Dra. Gervacio and she’s soooo good. I honestly didn’t feel a thing. As in nada. And she’s talking to me the entire time I was being operated on. In one way or another, that made me feel relaxed.

I know nahirapan sila ilabas ang anak ko. I was later on told that she’s awake that time and refused to get out. Sinisiksik ata yung pwet or something. I felt a couple of people are pushing my tummy so hard I could hardly breathe. And then the pushing stopped. And then I saw on my left side, a tiny baby.

At first I was worried coz she’s not howling. But after a few seconds, I heard her. For the first time. My baby’s cry. And I felt so happy. That time, I just can’t explain. The exhaustion, thirst and hunger are all forgotten. I wanna push the pedia who’s cleaning her (and is actually blocking my view) so I could touch her. Aligaga talaga. Dra. Gervacio was telling me na ilalapit din daw agad si baby. Na I shouldn’t worry. Nililinis lang. Honga naman! Ataters na Nanay lang.

Pale face, chapped lips, messy hair – but glowing with happiness and pride. :)

Her face on my face is the best feeling. She’s so soft and she smells sooo good. Oo mabango sya kahit parang may dugo dugo pa. And she’s so white. Everybody inside the operating room keep on saying na ang puti puti ng anak ko. She’s so white. And so cute and so pretty and so precious.

They made her latch for the first time. Very good sya. She was sucking already.

After a while they brought her to the NICU. I was alarmed at first why they need to bring my baby to the NICU eh okay naman sya. Apparently, all babies delivered via C-section are being brought to the NICU for monitoring. they need to stay there for 12hours.

Ayun! When she was brought to the nursery, wala akong kamalay-malay na nagkakagulo na pala yung Tatay nya at mga Tita at Lola nya dun. My sister, The Companion’s sister and mom are all there. At naka upload na agad sa Facebook ang pictures ng aking prinsesa. Anak ng! Hindi naman sila excited masyado.

I was wishing for a normal birth. But I was blessed with a Beautiful Birth and I can’t ask for more. I have a healthy baby who brings so much joy to my everyday. And I don’t really mind the 9hours of labor. Nevermind the painful post-surgery wound. Nevermind the exhaustion. Coz the moment I laid eyes on my precious one, I am beyond awe.

I am now a mother to this wonderful baby girl!! Yebah!!!

And her Tatay is just soooo excited. All smiles upon seeing her little girl.

Dra. Leedah Ranola-Nisperos. Thank you Dra. Dada. Just thank you for taking good care of me and my baby. Hindi kami nagkamali na ipagkatiwala sa iyo ang buhay ko at ng anak ko. Thank you so much.

This photo proves that I have the best doctor.

O kitams! Nakaka-pout pa ko after the operation. Ang gaan kasi ng kamay ng doctor ko. Harhar! Actually, I am recovering fast daw. Partida wala pa akong pahinga na maayos nyan coz I’ve been taking care of this little bundle of joy since day 1.

I think my Super Mom powers are kicking in. I want to be as hands on as possible while I’m on leave so kinakaya ko talaga lahat. Lahat lahat.


  1. Tol, this is the funniest birthing story I have ever read! As in! Panalo talaga si Mila! Pero sa gitna, hagulgol na ako. Baliwag lang! :))

    Congratulations!!! =)

  2. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! <3

  3. reigningstillMarch 06, 2014

    Oh diba?! Winner!! Hahahahahaha.. Thank you tol! :) And salamat sa pagdalaw. :)

  4. reigningstillMarch 06, 2014

    Thanks Juvy :)

  5. I suddenly remembered my big day too because of this post. Congratulations! :)


  6. reigningstillMarch 08, 2014

    Thank you Krisella. :) You already a mom too? Hindi halata sa DP mo ah. :)

  7. Yes I'm a mom too. I had a normal delivery with an epidural anesthesia though so I didn't really felt the pain of birthing but the healing period is horrible. Love the name "Skye Alessandre" by the way :)

  8. Aimee DiegoMarch 13, 2014

    Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of mommyhood! :-)

  9. reigningstillMarch 16, 2014

    thank you! :)


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