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My friend, Des, mentioned that she has started packing her hospital bag which made me realize that I haven't made an entry about it yet. This is part of my "help the preggy mommas" series. Coz what to pack on the hospital bag is another thing that made me crazy. Here I am hoping that this blog entry would shed some light to other expectant moms out there. Especially, the first timers.

I'll be posting here my personal checklist with some comments here and there so you could do your personal   checklist based on what you really need and your personality. That's actually one of the things I noticed when I tried to google for a hospital bag checklist, they give you a list and that's it. I was left wondering what they are for and if I really need them.


For Nanay:

  1. Going Home Outfit – I suggest you bring a dress you can easily slip into. Or a nice set of jammies if its fine with you. Whatever you prefer just make sure its comfy and roomy and with easy access for the boobies because your newborn would want to latch on them anywhere. In the lobby while waiting for the car, in the room while waiting for the nurses, while you're on a wheelchair being wheeled into the lobby. Get the picture?
  2. Maternity Pads/Adult Diaper (1 pack)
  3. Socks (1-2 pairs) – It  can get really cold in the hospital.
  4. Extra Slippers – Bring a comfy, big pair. It's possible you'd get manas after giving birth so you really to bring your comfy slippers.
  5. Extra PJs or Dress – Of course there's the hospital gown but if you're like me who doesn't like to wear one, you can bring your own of course. Kasi hubadera ang peg ng hospital gowns eh. Or if you want, you can bring jammy bottoms para di naman masyadong exposed.
  6. Cotton Robe – I find this useful if I have visitors or well-wishers.
  7. 1 Nursing Bra and 1pair Nursing Pads – For when you go home.
  8. Underwear – Bring as much. You’ll be bleeding so you need to change them often. If you’ll use adult diapers then I guess you wont need much. Another option is buying disposable underwear. Atleast you don’t need to wash bloody underwears. :)
  9. Abdominal Binder – Needed for those undergoing C-section. I didn’t bring one, the hospital provided mine. But it got blood stains. So I endured bloody binders for 2 days. Eeewww…
  10. Underpads – I used mine on the car coz my water bag broke and I’m drippin’. You also need to change the underpads provided by the hospital after delivery coz it can get bloody. You don’t want the hospital to change it coz I’m pretty sure it’ll be costly.
  11. Glasses/Contact Lens (if you are using one)

For Baby:

  1. Going Home Outfit
  2. 2-3 Receiving Blanket
  3. 4-6 Pajamas
  4. 2-3 Long Sleeved Tie-Sides
  5. 2-3 Sleeveless Tie-Sides
  6. 4-6 Mittens
  7. 4-6 Booties
  8. 2-3 Bonnets
  9. Baby Wash
  10. 70% Alcohol
  11. 1pack Newborn Diaper
  12. 4-6 Burp Cloths
  13. Cotton Balls and Cotton Buds


  • The number of baby clothes you have to bring depends on the number of days you'll stay at the hospital and of course, how accessible the hospital is from your home. I stayed in the hospital for 3days so that list is just enough. Except that I only bring 2 receiving blanket only to end up asking my sister to bring another one because Skye decided to soil on the first one the moment she was roomed in. I suggest you pack the baby clothes separately and label them so you wont end up rummaging through the bag for the baby essentials. These are very small items remember, so proper packing is a must.
  • I also suggest you ask about the hospital where you plan to give birth. ManilaMed gave my newborn a welcome pack which includes alcohol, a pack of newborn diapers, a small cetaphyl and thermometer. Sayang din kasi sa space yung diaper na dinala ko. Hindi naman nagamit. :)

For Your Companion:

  1. Change of Clothes
  2. Bath Towels
  3. Slippers
  4. Extra pillows and blankets


  1. Toothbrush, Toothpaste and Mouthwash (For Nanay and the Companion)
  2. Facial wash
  3. Wash Cloth (For Nanay because you can’t have a decent bath yet so punas, punas nalang muna)
  4. Shampoo, conditioner, soap/body wash (For the companion)
  5. 70% alcohol
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Shaving Kit (For the companion)
  8. Betadine Feminine Wash

Kikay Kit:

  1. Powder or BB cream
  2. Moisturizer
  3. Lip Balm
  4. Comb or Hair Brush
- I personally think that a kikay kit is important. You'll have visitors and well wishers. There'll be loads of picture takings. You wanna look decent even if you feel like crap (with so little sleep and aching body).


  1. Philhealth Certificate of Contribution
  2. Philhealth Member’s Data Record
  3. Philhealth Claim Form 1 for you and your baby
  4. HMO Papers and Card (if applicable)
  5. Doctor’s Admission Slip
  6. List of the Hospital Documents you have to request for SSS and your healthcare provider's reimbursement (if applicable). Better to request for them while you are there coz it usually takes weeks for them to process it.
  7. Mother's Information Sheet (5 copies) - Everyone at the hospital will be asking you questions. And those questions are almost the same. Imagine answering them during labor? Haggard! In my case, just my name is difficult enough. They'd be asking for the details of your first menstruation and the likes, haggard talaga pag di prepared. And promise, effective sya, I just gave a copy to the nurses and they leave me to labor in peace. Medyo naloka lang ng slight yung mga tao dun sa hospital where I gave birth kasi talagang prepared ako. I just told them that I'm really OC like that at madali ako ma-haggard pag may detail na hindi ko maalala. Anyway, here's where I got my format.
  8. Birth Certificate Cheat Sheet - Ang OC ko ba? Hahaha.. I wanna make sure that all information on my child's birth certificate is correct. And if you don't wanna be bothered, this one is handy. Just give it to the hospital people or your companion and just check the details. Format available here.
  9. Mommy Book, Laboratory Results and Ultrasound Results - Even if you'll be handled by your own OB, the resident OBs in the hospital would look for it or double check. Better to have them handy just in case they have questions. Imagine trying to remember a certain detail while in labor. Oh diba? Kalurkey!
  10. Birth Plan (if applicable) – I don’t have one! But I’ve basically discussed everything with my OB so I think a birth plan is not needed.
  11. Valid IDs (just in case)
  12. Ballpen

Other Necessities:

  1. Camera – How can you not have one? This is it! The big day. Have loads of pictures taken. Although the hospital did not allow companions at the operating room, a trainee was tasked to be my photographer. They got my camera and I was left with loads of photos. See my birthing pictures here. Just make sure the camera's battery is full and you have loads of space on your memory card.
  2. Cellphone – Have the important contact numbers on your favorites for easy access. Also, on my third and final trimester, i always see to it that my phone is always fully charged. As in I won't let it go below 50%. Mahirap na no. I also have my portable charger. Doble paniniguro. :) Praning lang.
  3. iPad/Laptop/PSP/Books – Anything na pamatay oras for you and your companion. Matagal ma antayan ang labor. And then, kelangan gising once the baby is roomed in. So make sure you have a libangan.
  4. Chargers – For all of the gadgets mentioned above need chargers. So pack them all. :)
  5. Drinking Water – We bring our own but most hospitals have hot and cold water available.
  6. Food – You need to bring snacks for you (if you are allowed) and your companion atleast while your in labor. Nakakagutom mag intay at mahal ang mga biscuit sa ospital.
  7. Cash/ATM card/Credit Card – You need moolah. Have cash ready, atleast for the deposit.


  • Pack the items separately. I use my maleta as hospital bag. I just put my clothes and baby's clothes in separate bags and labelled each. Oo nag-label ako. Para no need na kalkalin nila each bag in trying to look for a specific item. Basically, its like packing for a trip. My organizing bags are so useful!! OR you may use 2 bags, one for you and another for the baby. Whatever you think is easier.
  • Labelling helps alot! Especially if you'll be with your husband or partner. Alam nyo naman mga lalaki! Maha-haggard kayo pag di nyo ni label ang mga gamit. Actually nga, nahaggard padin ako kahit nag label na ako. Paano ba naman, nilabas ang mga damit ng anak ko from the bag tapos kinalat lang sa loob ng maleta. Kaloka diba? Kaya nga may kanya kanyang lalagyanan. Kaya nga ko gumamit ng organizer bags eh. Imagine if I didn't label each, baka halo halo na yung mga gamit ko.
  • Show your companion the bag and discuss the contents. Hahahahaha! Oo kahit may label, i-discuss nyo padin sa kanya para sa double awareness program. I hope no husband is reading this kasi malamang mabatukan ako. I know you guys are not slow na kelangan ulit ulitin ang mga bagay pero aminin nyo, pagdating sa organizing ng mga gamit, waley kayo!!! And your wife don't need the stress. Please! Hehehe..
  • It may look like too much but promise, all of those fit in my maleta. And all of those are needed. As in. It’s better to have everything ready and packed kesa naman maghanapan pa on the big day. :) Goodluck on packing!

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